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anyone know?

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How good is Authority cat food? I bought three cans of it to see what my cats thought of it. I recently switched them over from Nutro to Whiskas and it seems like they are getting the "runs" now so I checked the ingredients of Whiskas and they are sufficient water for processing, chicken, meat by products, wheat flour, tuna, wheat gluten, starch, salt, and other things I cna't even start to pronounce..
Now the Authority has:catfish, salmon broth, beef liver, chicken, ocean fish, egg product, rice flour,and those humongo words like,potassium chloride and pyridoxine hydrochloride. now can anyone tell me if they've tried this food and if so, is it good for my cats???
I want to feed them the best and I am curious if I've gotten a good food or not? if not, then I won't start to mix it with their other food and slowly switch them over. I just want to give them the best..
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I feed my kittens Authority chicken and rice canned and chicken and liver canned and their kitten formula dry, I was using Nutro and one of mine was getting terrible gas and I switched to Authority and they love it. I looked at the label and it was pretty much the same as the maxxkitten canned and made the change and they really like it. My adults like the variety of the canned food they have too.
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