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Big Ugly Woodtick!!!!!!

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Not sure if this is in the right board or not, but here goes:

Ok, How do I go about taking this awful ugly huge thing off Zeb's neck? Well, it's just right below her ear, actually not on her neck. I just saw it today, b/c she doesn't let you pet her much, but I went down to see her kitties, and had some milk for them (which Pepe and Zeb drank, not the kitties ) and I was petting her and felt this awful thing on her and when I looked at it, it's this huge woodtick!!! I tried to pull it off, but I don't think I can...one I can't handle taking things like that off, and 2. once she figures out what I'm doing, she's not gonna be a happy camper, if you get my drift! And it kind of looks like the tick's head is inside you know? It's really awful disgusting! I wonder why she didn't take it off before??? Any ideas would be welcome! Even if I have to feed her milk to get her to sit still, I would give her all the milk in the fridge (which isn't much, but I don't need that much lol). Help Me!!!
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Thanks Tybalt. I'll try to do that tomorrow. And see if I can actually do it!!!! (I'm not very good at these doctoring things! on Cats or humans!)
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You should get if off ASAP! Ticks carry an awful disease and your kitty can become anemic or worse. I would get it off now if it were me.
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I would try, but 1. it is 12 midnite, 2, she's outside someplace, and not very likely to come out now.....so she's going to have to wait until morning....if I could I'd do it now, but I can't.....sorry
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I wasn't aware she was a feral. Also, please don't give her cow's milk it is not good for her. There is milk called Catsip you can give her, or even just feed her kitten chow mixed with KMR would be good.

Good luck with the woodtick-
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Icky gross disgusting!!!!! How many more words can describe wood ticks??? lol Ok, so I got some of them off...it's weird, there is maybe a couple more on her ear, just little ones. Do woodticks have babies on animal they are on? So I got as many off as I could, and now she won't let me near her to get the other ones off. I'm going to take her to the vet, hopefully next week or the week after, depending on when the babies are out and about on their own, and when I can get the cat carrier from my friend....I don't think a box with bricks on it is gonna work this time! She also has a large lump on around where the wood tick was....I don't know what it is. So I'm going to get the vet to check her all out and everything. Man that was a disgusting job! At least, with the rubbing alcohol, it worked wonderful! I'm definetly going to be doing that with all the cats when they get wood ticks! It's a great tip!
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As soon as you can, you should get some frontline on her. The smaller ticks may be deer ticks, and they carry lyme disease.
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