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Newbie...Hi Dan Kitten

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Hi Dan....

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Hey thanks! It's almost hynotic watching those little guys bouncing around!!! I'm putting one of these blobs in because I'm freezing here at the moment and could use a little heating up!! Roll on summer!!!
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your'e freezing????? Oh my god, lucky YOU!!!! I am frying here!!!! It was 90 some degrees here today in iowa.... YUCCCCKKKKKK
Humidity was horrid!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh Dan!

How freezing is freezing? My 12-year-old daughter will be leaving very hot and sunny Florida for a trip to Australia 4 days. We were told that it is winter there, but that the temperatures were about 40-50 F during the day.
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Hey Debby, if its hot in Iowa, maybe you can come to utah this week. On tuesday we had a rainy and windy day(some branches were knocked off the trees and littered the streets and the power went off.
Today it rained and it was 40 degrees this morning. And it snowed in the mountains(yes in June.) Enjoy the weather when its cold. I don't like hot weather.
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DAN KITTY: Welcome and enjoy the cool temps wherever you are.

I am literaly;"Drowning in Bodily Secretations" (how beautiful that sounds. . . . ) Here in MO.
:jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim:
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Well OK, maybe I exaggerated just a tiny bit when I said 'freezing'.... It's just that the A/C in this office building isn't working all that well and I'm getting cold air blowing on me! And I hate being cold!! At the moment 7.30 am, it's 8 degrees (C) outside and the temp today is supposed to be 12 degrees (don't ask me to convert to Farenheit!) so it's not exactly freezing, I'm just a whinger!!
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Thanks for the weather update, Dan. Don't worry, there's got to be some place on the internet where I can do the conversions!
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To convert degrees Celsius into degrees Fahrenheit, multiply by 1.8 and add 32

To convert degrees Fahrenheit into degrees Celsius, subtract 32 and multiply by 0.55

Have at it!



P.S.: If you prefer French, try this.

Conversion de température farenheit - celcius


Pour convertir les °F en °C
(degré Farenheit en degré Celcius )
Soustraire 32
et multiplier par 5/9


Pour convertir les °C en °F
(degré Celcius en degré Farenheit )
multiplier par 9/5
et ajouter 32
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Uh, gee thanks, Joe. I used the old "multiply by 9, divide by 5, add 32" method, as noted in your French translation. Anyway, I came up with temperatures ranging from in the 40s to the 50s, which is what I had been told.
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