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Fear of Felv and why

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Here is my delima. Cat next door is positive for Felv and is in the late stages. Freaks me out because my cat use to play and fight with him, and share a water bowl! I have the one I just referred to and is indoor/outdoor, and I have an indoor only, and the past 2 weeks have a stray moved in with us and he looks healthy. Anyway I called vet about my Felv concerns and he said he is less worried about the Felv cat nextdoor and more concerned about one moving in that is unknown. My cats are all current on shots, and he said they should be o.k. I am taking the stray in Saturday for blood tests and vacines. Should I be worried about my cats getting Felv from neighbor cat and not acting faster to vacinate the stray and keep it away from my cats? I am worried worried worried! My babies are only 22 months, and 5 years. Linda
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I always worry about felv and FIV. I would keep the new kitty away until it is tested. I woudl also get your current kitties test to put your mind at ease.
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My sister gave me a kitten that she had assured me was healthy, and it was Felv+. I did not know it until it had to be put down at 3 months old. Only one of my other 3 caught it. I lost my dear Leo at 4 years old, and am still just heartbroken. I found out at the same time that my Fred is FIV+. It was too late to do anything about not exposing the others. I have them tested regularly, and neither of them have it. Fred is not a biter, and I understand that is the way it is usually passed. He is 14 years old, and the vet said he will probably live as long as he was going to anyway. I guess my point is, not every cat that is exposed, even on a daily basis contracts these diseases. I hope that is the way it will be for your babies. I know it is easier said than done, but try not to worry until there is something to worry about. Good luck. You and your babies are in my prayers.
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I would be a little concerned about it but not too much. A woman that I know has FeLV+ and negatives running around together and there has not been a case of transmission yet. All are UTD on shots and they get tested every 6 months or so. Hers have also lived for a fairly long period of time with it so it wouldn't necessarily be an automatic death sentence if they did have it. I would just test them and then vaccinate (if they are negative) and try not to worry too much about.
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Thanks. My cats shots are utd and the new stray is going for blood tests tomorrow and shots. I really hate to go to the expense because someone I know knows someone who may want him in a week or two, but I hate not to either, because my cats mean everything to me. I just wish this person would take the cat right now and take it for shots. But she (the one that is going to be asked, has not yet known of this cat} just got out of the hospital today. I like this cat alot, he gets along with one of my cats, but not the other one, but there is harmony most of the time. I just think sometimes my cats are stressed by having a 3rd one move in and I feel that I cannot afford the extra expense as far as checkups, etc...cat food and litter is affordable, but it`s all the vet extras, even though I have pet ins. for my two cats. And sometimes I think I would really like to keep him, he has been here 2 weeks and he will have to adjust to a new home, but he was on the streets before he came here. And at least the lady that might want him is retired and can spend more time, and dote on him, as her cat died a year ago....so, maybe my expense of the blood tests and shots will do her a favor on a retirees salary and maybe having this done will sway her even more to take him, because she really wants a female cat. Linda
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