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What do you think of this?

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I was just watching FOX,they were running a story of a teacher who wore a cross necklace to school one day and when she would not put it under her sweater, she was suppenned(sp)!She was not trying to say anything about God or church,it was a small cross one of her family got for her.I wear a cross necklace,my dad got my mom(before they divorced)she did't want it anymore,anyway,I am not promating anything,what do you think about this?My mom never goes to church and she wear's a cross a time or two!
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I think that people have the right to wear a tastefully sized religious symbol of their choice, whether it is a cross, a star of David, a Fatima Hand,Pentagram, Thor's Hammer or whatever.

Political correctness needs to be reined in sometimes.
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That's how I feel!
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I dont see the big deal with wearing a cross necklace

Sheesh.. people need to lighten up!
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I agree entirely with Sue and Sherral. I have no problem with someone wearing a tasteful (to borrow Sue's word) expression of their beliefs. In my mind there is a big difference between expressing one's beliefs in this manner and forcing these beliefs on others.
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I could understand her being suspended if she wore a sign around her neck that you need to repent the end is near. But a little cross What gives with that? I believe that the system is taking the religon thing to the extremes.
She really should take them to court on this.
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she did!and won! The school had to re-hire her with all back pay,saying she was only wearing a necklace!
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I was just reading this thread, and I'm soooo glad she won!
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What the heck is the system coming to? Suspended for wearing a simple cross necklace? Bloody hell, I see lots and lots of people wearing cross necklaces and they do not bother me at all. Whoever was bothered by it really needs to get their heads shrunk! How ridiculous!
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The PC crowd is getting WAYYYY out of hand. Good thing, that she wasn't wearing a "guardian angel" pin - they might have sent her to the ducking stool!
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I better watch out! I wear a one of those sometimes!!
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I agree that people should be allowed to wear small symbols that may suggest religion as long as they are not talking about it or tattoing it on their forehead.. BUT my mom is a devote catholic and has been teaching since the 1970s, and even then she never wore any kind of display of her religion. I don't know if they taught her that in school or what. But she always wears a medal of St. Somebody and when she is in school she either takes it off or puts it under her shirt so it can't be seen. She agrees that religious items shouldn't be worn even tho she goes to church at least 3 times a week. I actually asked her about this when it was on the news a while ago and that is the response I got.
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As a teacher, I wouldn't openly wear a religious symbol of any kind. Here in Germany, and other European countries, there is a great deal of controversy surrounding girls from Muslim families wearing headscarves in school. It is permitted in Germany, but only for students, not teachers. In my school district, a student teacher who was not hired on a permanent basis because she refused to give up her scarf during school hours took her case all the way up to the Constitutional Court (the German equivalent of the US Supreme Court), and lost. If she can't wear a religious symbol in school, I don't feel that other teachers have the right to wear Christian, Jewish, etc. symbols. I am very much in favor of separation of church and state, seeing as the early colonists in North America were in many cases the victims of religious persecution in their homelands, so I feel the court's decision was right on. As a teacher, you have to be very careful about what messages you are sending the kids. Was that teacher with the cross warned before she was suspended?
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I don't know about that.I have a real small silver cross about 1/2 inch long that to me does not have anything to do with religon. it is pretty,I just wear it because I like it.Am I making anyone think about God just because I wear it?If so, tough! But If I wear it a preach to people about God,then tell me I can't wear it to school,and I won't.
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I think it's the teacher's right to wear that cross. But then it's the next teacher's right to wear a Nazi symbol, however tasteless that may be. If either one were handing out pamphlets and trying to "convert" people, that would be a different story!
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For historical reasons, any teacher in Germany caught wearing a Swastika would be fired without notice and heavily fined. Nazi symbols and literature are illegal here, because they "incite hatred". I personally also would not wear any symbol of a political party in school. In retrospect, I'm very surprised that when I was a primary and secondary school student, nobody questioned the fact that all students, whether U.S. citizens, resident aliens or exchange students, had to say the pledge of allegiance every day. Has anybody ever come across a case of an exchange student not saying the pledge of allegiance, or not standing when the national anthem was played?
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As an American school teacher, I'll answer that one. We have kids who are Jehovah's Witnesses. They do not recite the Pledge. We ask, however, that they stand during it.
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I don't follow any religion and do not wear religious symbols. I DO wear an American flag pin. My guardian angel pin is a Dalmatian and I have a cat guardian angel pin, too. I've worn the angel pins, on several jobs and have never had any comment, other than "how cute!"
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So she can wear ear rings and a ring but not a cross?
oh come on
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