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Cat puke??

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Hi everyone!!

I came home from work today and I think my cat puked. I'm not to sure since it would be the first time I've seen it.

I usually feed him wet for breakfast and dinner. Then he gets dry at lunch and water of course all the time.

It looked kind of like whole and chunky pieces...sorry to be so graphic. My hubby said that he didn't seem to eat lunch...I figure he might just not be in the mood. He's also a bit lazy today but very vocal and talkative. It's a bit hard for me tell if he's doing okay food wise cuz we're having a heat wave and he doesn't handle the heat well. He sort of pants a bit and lies on the ground in the bathroom since that's the coolest spot. Heck I'd lie on the bathroom ground too cuz it's so hot. He seems fine drinking water and all...and I guess I'll see how he is after dinner.

His food bowl is elevated...so I guess i'll give it a day. to see how he does. Thank goodness it's cooling down today so I hope he feels better.

I'm a bit concerned but am not to worried...is it okay for him to just puke out of the blue?

Thank you for any advice or tips on cats and heat waves and puking in general.
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I dunno but my cat ChiChi pukes occasionally for no reason at all and she has for years. Usually its whole pieces of food which lead us to believe she eats too fast.

The heat could have something to do with it also.
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Was there fur in the vomit? It might have been a hairball?
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This happens occasionally at my house. If it's just once and Snowball is obviously feeling ok and acting completely normal I don't worry about it. If it is happening repeatedly I become concerned and let the vet know about it.

P.S. I also agree with Shell, it could have been a hairball.
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My cat pukes about once a week, either she eats too fast, or is stressed because the other 2 cats are crappy to her in the morning, and it is chunks, then she is just fine. If this is a daily event then I would be concerned. And maybe your cat is stressed from the heat. Linda
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Sometimes it looks like my kitty has puked but it is just a hairball.

Is this a small kitten? Eating too fast is a good guess. Also maybe the cat is over eating?? I don't really know, I'm just throwing stuff out there! LOL

Tammie, Peaches' Mommy
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My Cheyanne does this when she eats to fast,always has and she is 6 years.
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