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See you guys in three weeks...

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I know I don't post here a lot, but I'll miss you guys! I'm going up to my cottage, where I have no Internet connection (not to mention no electricity... )

We're leaving tomorrow afternoon, after my driving test.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends, Happy Independence Day to my American friends, and happy days to everyone else.

I hope everyone has a great summer.
:icecream: :jarswim:
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Wow, sounds very adventurous! I hope you will have a wonderful time!!!
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Jenn - have the most wonderful time up there! But I know you will be thinking of us.

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Thank you guys.
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Enjoy your stay at the cottage, Jenn! You know where to find us when you're home again!
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We'll miss you Jenn! Hope you have a wonderful and very relaxing time at the Cottage. It sounds so peaceful...wanna take me along?
Be careful and let us know that you've made it back ok!
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Good luck on your test! Have fun,see you when you get back!
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Thank you all!

Sherral, I'll need that good luck. Thank you very much.
I got in an accident today and a lot of my confidence has gone down the tubes. I was driving along, and this lady pulled out of her driveway and hit me. She admitted it was her fault and that she didn't look, and it happened early this morning and I was still shaking at dinner. $800 damage to her car and $200 damage to mine, but I'm not going to get it fixed because the car is just about as old as I am and it drives fine. I just consider it a battle scar. I'm just so glad this lady hit me instead of a bicylist or a pedestrian... she said she didn't bother looking because it is a "quiet" street. I'm just kind of accepting it now... it's my first "fender bender" and it had to happen the day before my test!
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I just got out the cat crate and put it in the living room. She took one sniff, one look, and bolted! She hates car rides.

For a five hour car ride, does the cat need water in her crate? Usually it causes more harm than good, as she spills it and gets cold and wet. Is it okay just to put the water in when we stop for bathroom breaks and take it away when we're on the road?
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That is what I would do!Why make her uphappy and wet!
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Originally posted by sherral46
That is what I would do!Why make her uphappy and wet!
That's what I was thinking. She gets sick in the car sometimes, so I think I'll lift her food early tomorrow morning. What's better... hungry or sick? I have so many questions since I joined this site... I just never had anyone to ask before... lol.
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Have fun at your cottage! Sometimes it's nice just to get away. And I hope your kitty does ok on the trip. I'm not sure about the water thing. Might depend on how long the trip is. But I have heard to have water available for a cat when traveling. I'll be interested to see what the others say about this.

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So sorry to hear about your accident. I've only been in one, and luckily no one was hurt. The woman who hit me was in a rush because she was late to take a test at her University (she told everyone, including the police, that the accident was her fault). Although I wasn't hurt, I was shaky for several days (in fact I called my Dad and cried for a while later that night). I hope you were able to get through your test OK. The most important thing is that you weren't hurt.

Enjoy yourself on your vacation, and I hope to see you back here soon!
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You'll do fine on your driving test. We all have faith in you and are sending pass-the-test vibes your way. It's understandable to be nervous. I had been driving for 20 years, and choked on my written test. I was so embarrassed! I had to take it again. Fortunately, I was able to keep my out of state license so I could still drive.
If I have to have my cats on a long car trip, or when it is really hot, I get hamster water bottles, the kind they lick drops of water from a tube. It doesn't make a mess, and keeps them from getting thirsty.
Have fun, sweetie! Think about us while you are getting back to nature.
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Happy times to you up there roughin' it for several weeks. Don't get lost in the woods! We'll miss ya.
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Good luck on your driving test. Hope you have fun at your cottage.
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Jenn GOOD LUCK!! and have a great retreat! It sounds lovely going away to a cottage for 3 weeks with no phone or computer or anything! Oh the reading and crafts I could do lol! Hope you have a really nice time, and come back ready to legally hit the roads!
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Sounds like fun and also HOT!! Stay cool, and see you when you get back!!
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