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One Step Closer To My New Career

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Today it became official...I will no longer work in my Pharmacy. It was a sad moment for me. I love working in the Pharmacy. It seems challenging and there is always something new to learn. My new job (being part of the Management Team) will definitely be new, challenging and lots to learn...but it won't be the same. Interviews for my job was last week and they hired someone today. Looks like she'll be starting next week and I'll be training her for a couple of days. That is not nearly enough time to train someone, but Management is biting at the bit to get their hooks in me. I just hope that I'm making the right decision. I know deep down that it's the best move for me. I'd never be able to advance unless I went back to school to become a Pharmacist and that would be another 5 years of college for me. This way by going to the Management Program, there are endless opportunities down the road. Plus, if I choose to leave this company down the road I will have this experience under my belt.

From what I was told today, once I get the new gal trained I will become a Support Manager for my store until I leave for the program. It's still up in the air about where I'll be going for my training, but it will be sometime in September. I do hope that they give me time to move and etc! WalMart is notorious for waiting until the last minute to let anyone know where they are going.
I'm definitely getting excited, but the nervousness it starting to hit. Wow...this is really happening. It's sinking in slowly but surely!
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Shell, That is such a wonderful opportunity for you and you have shown a lot of maturity as well as your friendly personality and I have no doubt that you will make a wonderful manager - I am really happy for you to be making great steps in your life!
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Wow, so this is really happening!!! That is so great, but I´m sure it´s sad and scary at the same time.
I´m sure you´ll do good at your new job, and as you say, its such a good experience!
Will you then be transfered to just anywhere? Whithin Nebraska, or just ANYWHERE?
Good luck with everything!
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Wow that is great news and Congrats! I hope that you enjoy your new postion
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Congrats for moving on to a new and exciting adventure! Change is always a bit scary but it sounds like you feel it is the right thing so I'm sure you'll be fine!

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Wow congrats Shell that is wonderful!!!!!!
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Woohoo! It's all starting Shell! It may be scary now but I think you'll be glad you decided to go for this in the end. Like you know already there are so many opporunities and experiences you just wouldn't get if you stayed in your same position.

GOod luck training the new girl!

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Thanks guys! It is scary but really exciting too!

As for moving, they want to keep me in my Region which is Nebraska, Eastern Iowa and Northern Kansas. At the most, it would be about 4 hours away from here and possibly as close as 30 miles away. My training will be at one of 3 different stores in 3 different towns. It could either be Lincoln or Columbus Nebraska or Kansas City Missouri (which is almost 5 hours away!). I'm really hoping that it is going to be in Lincoln since I'm very familiar with that town and it is only 70 miles away. During my training, I will be there for 5 months and then I'll be shipped to yet another store to become an Assistant Manager. Every 2 years (give or take), I'll be moving to another store and it keeps going like that until I get enough experience to become a Store Manager. Then it starts all over again. So, I'm looking at a lot of moving for a while, but I can opt to stay if I choose. They really want the Assistants to move up the chain to Store Managers and the Store Manager move up to District Managers...and so on.
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Congrats Shell! This is going to be a scary and wonderful ride for you. But, I'm sure you're going to shine where ever you go. Just think of the future, and how this is going to help you in your career.

Good luck, girl, and know that all of us here are pulling for you!
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Shell, it really sounds like a great career move for you. Hopefully they'll give you time to prepare for moving, uncertainty can make you even more nervous. You'll do fine, no matter where you end up.
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Shell, when you become CEO, remember: discounts for Cat Site members!
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ohh how cool!! what awesome news Shelle! Hopefully they will move you over here in Bentonville...that is lke 20 minutes from me!!! I am soo happy for ya!!!
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Congratulations Shell! How exciting for you.
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Originally posted by katl8e
Shell, when you become CEO, remember: discounts for Cat Site members!
You got it!! Lots of discounts for the Cat Site Lovers! Realistically though, CEO is WAYYYY down the line yet! I'll get there eventually!
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Shell - this sounds like an exciting time for you. I know you will make an awesome manager because you really care for people.
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Wow Shell!- This is fantastic! !!!!!!!
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Shell, I'm sure it's a bit scary, but you've really got to be excited, too, right? You'll do GREAT!!!!! You have the smarts and the personality for it, and I'm sure you'll shine!!!!!

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