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Awww . . . guess what I got!!!!

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Today is exactly one year before Alex and I get married. So, today when he came home from work, he had a bouquet of red roses for me!!!! It was so sweet!! I LOVE him! It just made my day.
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How sweet! I'm happy for you. Sounds like he appreciates you a lot.

Tammie & Peaches
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What a nice man, roses are so wonderful to receive!
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That is so romantic I know how you feel, how far are you in the planning stage? I was just married last October 19th. Boy am I glad the planning is over. I wouldn't have missed that experience for anything but the planning almost drove to drink
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Awww...How sweet! Sounds like you've got a keeper!
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that is so great, i think i would keep him, he sounds wonderful and thoughtful, thats precious congrads. on your up comming marriage
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Congrats. It seems like everyone I know is getting married. This year so far I have been to two weddings and have been invited to two more.
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That is soooo sweet Viva - I love roses, especially yellow ones.
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This is soooo sweet! I like Alex!
Congrats on your anniversary-to-be!
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Congrats Happy anniversary the 26th is my anniversary 2 yrs this is a pic of doug and i
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That is so cool! Celebrating your anniversary before you have one. We just had our one year anniversary and my hubby is soooo funny. He brought home two rose bushes and said, "I was going to buy you cut flowers, but they'd just die." :-)

My Dad's like that too.
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I had to laugh when I read your post. When I saw the post subject I thought you were going to say "ring worm", because of Luna. I was much relieved to read about the beautiful roses. What a sweetie!
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That is so sweet!How can you not love a guy that brings you roses!Been with mine for 33 years.Wish you tons of happiness,and lots more roses,too!
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