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Litter Maid?

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Do you have one? Do you like it? I'm thinking of getting Fluffy onne. TIA
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I have never heard of it.... hmm..You got a Fluffy too!?..See my Fluffy in my sig..she is the black and white kitty... what does yours look like?
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Litter Maid is trhe automatic cat box.
My fluffy is solid black with chocolate mixed in annd he's lonng haired. He's about 7-8 weeks old.
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Even though those boxes sound nice, it's harder to see if thier sick. If I'm scooping out thier litter everyday I'm able to see if one of them is not pooping normally. My boyfriends sister has one and it has broken twice, but yet they just replace it and still use it. Sorry to be so negative, that's just my experience with the litter maid, but of course it could be different for you Anyway, I saw that you were new! welcome to the site! See you around the boards

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is that those automatic ones that clean themselves?
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure. What do you think of them?

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I don't have one, but I'd like one one day.
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Originally posted by maddie&tybalt
Yeah, I'm pretty sure. What do you think of them?

There seems to be a lot of unresolved issues with this item. Personally I think it sounds like a great idea. Indie is really daft and if he poos twice before I get the chance to clean his litter tray then the second time he goes in he tends to step in his first poo and then walk everywhere with it on his feet.

Check this link out:
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I had one given to me awhile ago and ended up giving it away. It just doesn't do the job if you have more than two cats. It was in such constant motion all the time I was afraid one of my cat's tails was going to get stuck!
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MA~ this is one of the reasons why I never bought one....especially if they are really small kittens....
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One of my friends had one and got rid of it. She was watching TV one night and heard her cat yelp, and went into the kitchen to see what was the matter. It seems he lingered too long in the Littermaid and it started doing its thing, and his paw was grabbed. He wasn't hurt, just terrified. She changed back to a regular box that night, and tossed the Littermaid.
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They say its supposec to not move if a cat is in it because it has a sensor..
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yea it is but thats with any thing automatic, if it fails theres trouble, i have read where there has been problems with the sensors failing, i dont have one because i think the best method ias plan ole scooping
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Dougbug-Your free to come scoop our cat box LOL
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I have two of the litter maids. The really big one and the regualr size one. I really like them. My cats use them with no problem. My litter maids are about 5 years old and still working fine. One trick to keep them working smoothly is after you have washed and cleaned them spray tray with PAM cooking spray and wipe off excess then add the litter. This will keep wet scoopable litter from sticking to the tray. I have found they cut the time I spend cleaning the boxes by about 50%. I also have 6 of the old fashion kind of litter boxes.
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I don't have one for Spike, but I have seen one in action. The thing I dislike most about them is that they leave bits in there. I might be a bit particular about Spike's litterbox, but I like getting out all the bits, even the ones that are small. And the rake for the LitterMaid just doesn't seem to grab the smaller ones.
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i was thinking about getting a litter maid, but everyone ive talk to has said its not that good, they said that the comby things get stuck with litter and its hard to clean, and things get clogged etc..and they ended up having tho throw it away after a year!
i saw this one on the net and it sounds good, but i don't know of anyone who has used it before.. its called Litter robot i think when i save some money i might get one of these!
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Save your money on the Litter Maid. I had one a couple of years ago, and it ended up in the trash can because of the cat waste getting caught in the rake. The rake has to be cleaned by hand every couple of days with a knife or simular to keep it operating properly. If you want a real automatic cat box.....go with the Litter-Robot. I just got mine recently and "love" it. I will be posting a review on the Litter-Robot in a few weeks at the forums. The Litter-Robot is nearly twice the price of the Litter Maid Mega, and it appears to be worth it. Just go to their website and read the raving testamonials from people that own one You get what you pay for with this unit. It is built like a tank. The company has excellent customer support and they offer a 45 day full money back gaurantee minus shipping if you or your cats don't like the Litter-Robot for any reason. My three cats all used the unit within 3 hours of my installation. I will report more in a few weeks Also, the litter Robot just won "best cat product" at on 6/26/03. Good luck with what you decide.
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Originally posted by Fluffy'sMom
Dougbug-Your free to come scoop our cat box LOL
Now I bet that's an offer he can't refuse! LOL!!
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My cat used a littermaid for about 6 months and I had to stop. Litter and poop sticking to the racks and when the lid lifts up the smell . Plus my cat got to be too big for the pan
My cat now uses the covered litter box and I scoop everyday to monitor him since he has a serious hairball problem and I have to make sure he is not getting stopped up.
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