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My House is his Litter box - Help!

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Hello everyone!!! I was hoping someone can give me some advice.

Max is a domestic short-hair who occasionally has accidents outside of his litter, due to hairballs. Usually I give him some Petromalt and a couple of hours later he returns to his normal self. Recently, he developed a pooping problem. Thinking it was a hairball, I gave him some Petromalt, but this time it didn’t help

Concerned about his health, I immediately took him to the vet. After a thorough analysis (x-rays, blood tests, and rectal exam) the vet determined that Max has kitty hemorrhoids, other than that he is perfectly healthy. He (the vet) drained his anal sacs, and put him on antibiotics and steroids.

After being on the medicine for a few days he is still pooping outside of his litter. Thinking, that Max has associated the litter box with pain or discomfort, I moved the litter box to a new location, uncovered the litter box, and changed his litter to a different brand to no avail it didn't work. I am at my wits end; it is now at the point where the entire house seems like his personal litter box. HELP! -


I have read the “Inappropriate poop problems answered†threads.
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I would throw out the litter box entirely and make a run to a discount store like K-Mart, or Wal-Mart or? Buy one of those low flat plastic bins that you store sweaters and blankets and such in underneath your bed? Fill that up with litter and try that. Yes, it is a bit bigger than a regular litterbox, but it works really well.

Good luck with your cat- poor kitty...
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Thanks Hissy,

I actually do have one of them, I will give that a try. Thanks again!!

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I had a similar problem with Peaches. I figured out she needed two litter boxes. One to pee in and one to poop in.
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Any luck with the new Extra Large box?

I found out the hard way that I needed more boxes when Tiki started peeing on my bed! Once I added a few more boxes, everything was fine!
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Thanks everyone for your advice.

I added an extra box, with no cover and 2 days later Max pooped in it. YAY!!!!!!! This has to be the weirdest habit that he has developed, but it's working!!

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