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Record Industry to Sue Song Swappers

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Use Kazaa? Watch out and hide your MP3s.

RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has gotten approval to scan YOUR hard drive if you use any of the LEGAL song swapping sites. If it finds "a substantial" collection of music you are sharing, it will contact your ISP who (due to a recent court decision) is legally obligated to tell them who you are. RIAA will then sue you, an individual, for copyright infringement.

Personally, I feel like this is an invasion of privacy. Law enforcement may have the legal stature to search my private property with proper cause, but NO corporation has such a right. My hard drive is NOT public domain.

The other thing that just chaps my butt is how RIAA is claiming that the big downturn in record sales since, hmmm....fall of 2001 is all due to file sharing. Horse Manure! Have they noticed the downturn in the economy? Perhaps they haven't realized that when things get tight at home, and people have to choose between, oh say groceries and that new CD - they put off buying the CD. There's been quite a few CDs that I have not gotten because I just don't have the money, period. But apparently the whole nation going into a recession doesn't play any part in the decline of record sales. It's all Napster's fault. They started it!
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Whoa...whatever happened to privacy? That is so not good at all!
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I saw that story and vowed I would never buy a brand new CD ever again. I will buy any music I want from or eBay.

As far as downloading, my thoughts are that the best thing to do is move most of your downloaded stuff into a private folder that's not shared. Keep the stuff in your shared folder to a minimum.
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Woah! I agree, I think that is an invasion of privacy.

I haven't bought any new CDs lately, because nothing that has been released lately has appealed to me. I have downloaded maybe... 15 songs in the past two years. I haven't bought any CDs since Christmas. Not because I'm downloading, but because there doesn't seem to be anything out there worth spending my money on.
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Yep it is an invasion of privacy. Welcome to the Patriot Act! That's what it's done for us and a lot more. Including tracking what you check out at a library. Having your neighbor secretly checking up on you and reporting you (maybe sometimes out of spite). Yep Yep... it's all part of Bush's patriot act. Big Brotha's watching you!
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I personally don't agree with downloading music, but I feel that the RIAA should be going after the sites that offer the option and not the consummer.
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Ady, that's the problem that RIAA has run into. It could sue and put a cease and desist on Napster because Napster stored the files on one central server. With the new generation of music swapping sites, like Kazaa, it is direct peer-to-peer file sharing - meaning that nothing protected by copyright is ever in the possession of the website. They tried to go after the websites, and it was ruled that the websites/programs themselves are legal. Making those illegal would essentially outlaw all networking and file sharing even within companies, and especially those who have telecommuters and/or multiple offices. So they have found a way around that, and are now scanning our hard drives. Essentially, they pretty much will end it eventually as long as it holds up in court, simply because the amount of song available for download will decrease so less people will use it, decreasing it even more.

Personally, if they tried to sue me, I would counter-sue for invasion of privacy, for searching private property without the proper jurisdiction or authority.
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this whole issue just makes me sad. I think the whole system is messed up and needs to be reworked. I don't think the way the RIAA is going about it is fair but it's an act of desperation. Putting a band-aid on a broken arm.

In my business I see first hand how record sales have dropped off, and how record companies have had to lay off massive amounts of people to stay in the black. Record companies have sat back and waited too long to react to a problem that has been years in the making instead of being proactive.

Most people don't see downloading an album off the internet as stealing, or burning copies for many friends (or getting a burnt copy from a friend). But the fact of the matter is, when you do that it's like walking into target, picking up the cd and walking out without paying. I guess because music is for the most part, and intangible, it's hard to assign a value on it when it's not presented in a pretty, glossy wrapper with artwork and insert.
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Quick question:

This law is in the USA right? How does it effect us in Canada? Can the sue us as well? I wonder how they would do that.
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LOL Just had to share...on the new Google Ads at the bottom of the post, the one I just got on this thread was for Copyright Lawyers! (do they read these posts or what??)

LeeLee: RIAA is an international organization so they can pursue this in any country they choose. Essentially what it comes down to is the copyright laws of your country. Canada has similar copyright laws to the US, so Canada is very much affected by this.
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Lower Prices.
Lower Prices.
Lower Prices.
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Originally posted by suraya_putra
Lower Prices.
Lower Prices.
Lower Prices.
I agree! CD-Rs are about $.50 each, and that might be on the higher end. Some places sell cds for almost $20... that's just highway robbery.
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Wow, hubby just told me that RIAA has supposedly subpoena'ed a college student who was offering 8 songs, and wants $150,000 for each song. So much for their own "substantial collection" criteria. This is just plain out of hand, and I cannot believe that they can actually get away with this.
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I have heard that there are new song swapping software downloads available that mask your identity. I for one have uninstalled Kazaa from my computer for the present.
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
I for one have uninstalled Kazaa from my computer for the present.
So have we. My brother uninstalled it in favor of WinMX, but mum is making him uninstall that too.
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i heard about this but not alot, i guess this is another right that they are chipping away, i agree with valanhb, but i must say i laughed when you said about the choice of food or the new cd, that was a good one, chalk one up for you
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I think the prices are way too high. I haven't bought a CD for at least 7 years.
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Ditto. I can understand that the musicians need to make money and that there are overhead expenses, but the current cost of CDs is ridiculous. I only buy used.
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Heidi, I was just going to post that. Great minds think alike!
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Great minds do think alike Sue!

Here's the addy to check if you are on RIAA's hit list. You can check your username and IP address.
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I'm not on the list, whew!
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