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Ack! I am major nervous!

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I sent a query recently to Cat Fancy Magazine to see if they might be interested in the story about the guitar playing cats.

I heard back, and they want to see it, and I just sent it to them. My stomach has butterflies in it big time!

Just wanted to share my nerves here...

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Oh Wow! That is soooooo cool! I know what the nerves are like, but I'm sure it'll be great!
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i'm sure it will be great!!
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I can see those butterflies dancing around in your tummy!

Don't be nervous, I'm sure it will go fantastic

*good vibes* coming from Wellington

Love Sam
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That is so cool Hissy!

Calming vibes coming your way - maybe some rescue remedy will help?
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Mary Anne, as one who has read the article, I think it would be purrfect for Cat Fancy! I hope they feel the same. It's a great story, and very well written.
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OMG! They want it!!!! They will put it in their Flights of Fancy section.....

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Hurray!!!! I can't wait to see it! Any idea which issue it will be in? Not that it matters, I read the whole magazine front to back. How wonderful!!! I'm so happy for you! Don't be nervous - it'll be fantastic - like most everything you do.
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That is so cool

Congrats on your story. Can I have your autograph?
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Congrats, will I be able to read that in the UK?
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Wow! Congrats MA! I'm so excited for you!!!
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This is exciting news! Even though I don't know what the guitar playing cats are! Maybe soon you'll be famous! Good luck!

Tammie & Peaches
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Congratulations, MA!!!!!!

:girly1: :girly2:
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OH MA! That is wonderful news! Will you still remember all of us when you become rich and famous?
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That is so awesome!!!!

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Wow!! Go hissy!!!!!!!!!!
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Way to go!
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Cangratulations, MA!! That is awesome.
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Sneak peek at Onyx, the guitar strumming kitty
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Go Hissy! Go Hissy!

What awesome news!! May this be the first of many articles they are interested in publishing!!!
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WOO HOO! WTG M.A.! You're an excellent writer, and I'm definitely getting the next edition. Can't wait to read it! Congratulations, and here's to more in the future!!!
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that is wonderful news!
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See? I told you it was a good article!

Congrats!! I may just have to get a subscription soon...I can't find that magazine anywhere around here! I think they sell out too fast!
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WOW! Congratulations are in order! That is MAJOR, Maryanne.
I am so proud of you!!! YOU GO GIRL!

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All other cat and kitten magazines are going to be VERY upset that they didn't get that article!!!!

WAY TO GO!!!!!! You're a fabulous writer, and you'll be well known for it, I'm SURE of it!!!!

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GO MA!!!!!! That's cool !! Hey can u get access to a scanner to show us all how great the article looks in the mag??
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Congratulations Mary Anne! How proud you must be -- can't wait to see the issue!!!
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Oh My Gosh. I totally forgot about this thread , and I need to celebrate the excellent news

WTG Mary Anne .. THIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Onyx is a beautiful kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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