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Teeth & Nails

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Hello everyone!

I was reading the threads and I saw that someone suggested brushing your cats teeth once a week. What should you use for brushing? A toothbrush and tooth paste or what? (don't laugh... i'm new to this!) My kitten is about 13 weeks old and I was wondering when I can start clipping her nails. She is tearing me up! Any advice would be appreciated. Byebye!

-Lauren & Toes
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Since your little one is a kitten and you're new to kitten motherhood, the best thing to do regarding her nails is to ask the vet to show you how the first time. This way you'll know how to do it correctly. It's a good time to also have the vet show you how to brush her teeth. They have special brushes for them.


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Well, with cats, never use regular toothpaste. Pet stores sell paste just for cats and dogs. You can buy the brush there, but I prefer to buy a childs size soft bristle to use. It's easier if you can get them used to it at a young age.
Clipping nails you say? You can start clipping them now. They sell special clippers at the store as well. They have a few different types. I personaly use the guilatine type. If you look at kitty's nails you can see where it changes color. Do not go beyond that point as they will bleed. They also sell a quick stop powder for bleeding incase you go a little too far. Again, the younger you start the better. I usually clip everyones nails every two weeks and by then they really seem to need it.
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Thanks guys!
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