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Ok, I've fried my brain already today searching and searching for info on the net on how to make file names show up on a burned cd. I'm new to Nero and have read the help, faqs, and guides to using the program but have not found the info I'm looking for. I burned my first cd today. Everything burned correctly but the file names are not showing up on the player.

This mp3's file name and file info is showing in Winamp as this ---> DJ Sammy - Heaven.mp3 but after the file is burned onto a cd it shows up as this in Winamp ---> Track01.mp3 without the file info also.

Why is it not showing the original file name on the cd? Most of my mp3 files are foreign (japanese, greek, etc.) so the cddb doesn't know most of the names of the tracks, but I've done research and have given the files the correct names. Boy I'm rambling.
What setting do I need to adjust in Nero so that it will show file names on my cd's instead of showing Track01, Track02, etc.? Thanks!!