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A Question

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Sometimes when I feed jake his teaspoon of canned food, he would sniff the food, then scrapes the floor besided the bowl. Then he eats. What does it mean?
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Hi Nena...

This is instinctive behavior. A cat buries both feces and food to avoid attracting predators. This behavior is left over from the time our cats had to fend for themselves as a wild species. It's a survival trait molded into our cats and many other cat species by millions of years of evolution.

Many cats do this. Mine try to bury my food and seem to take execption to my Italian cooking most of all. (I do great Italian by the way.)
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You cook italian? I love it!!! Maybe you can post some recipes on the recipes thread for me? Please?
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I'll bring some tommorrow or later tonight!!! I'm at work right now. I promise though no squid recipes without a notarized consent form.:laughing:
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nena10 & all......

Thank you for this question and the good answer! I have a kitty named Noodles who has always does this and we have wondered why for months. She has to eat seperate from her 4 siblings, as she has special food -(little weight issue going on!)
I was beginning to wonder if something ws wrong - now I know she is just trying to protect her food from the sneaky 4 that try to take it!

you guys are real smart here!
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I've often wondered why Homer often did that after eating...it's just one of the wacky things I've caught him doing!! Thanks for the info, now I know he's not that crazy!
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Wow, thanks for clueing me in!!! I used to think it was because they were repulsed by a new food or something!!! LOL!!
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I was going to post that same question in here today! I could never figure out why Sasha did that, and taught her kittens to do it too. I asked my dad, he just told me Sasha isn't very smart...to put it nicely. I figured it must be some sort of instinct, but I couldn't figure out what she thought she was doing! thanks!
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