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Lost Baby Duck

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Yesterday I saw a little boy looking in the lake behind my house. He was ther for about 30 minutes so I decided to go see what he was looking at. It was a tiny baby duck! He told me that his friend found it behind his house and was feeding it earlier that day. The friend's mom told him to take it back. Well the little boy, about 7-8 years old decided to put it in the lake behind my house. Ugh! Now there is a tiny baby duck swimming around all alone quacking. Its soo pitiful looking.
Last evening, me, Steven and three kids all tried to catch it. We had a remote controlled boat, a pool skimmer and a box. We tried for about 2 hours and couldn't catch the poor thing. I though for sure the blue herrings would eat it over night. But, there he is again today. Swimming around all alone in the lake.
I called animal control and they said there is no way for them to catch it either. All they wanted to know is the boy's names and addresses so they could go talk to them about moving the duck in the first place.
I want to help the little duck, but if I can't catch it and put it back where the mother can find it, I can't do anything about it.
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aww poor little ducky. I guess just keep feeding it and maybe another duck will here the quack and come save it.
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It won't come close enough to feed it. I hope it knows how to eat grass.
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Nice Animal Control you got there
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Call Fish and Game Wildlife Patrol of find a Wild Bird Rescue Sanctuary near you and contact them. Without a mom, this little one will not survive. Another alternative is to call a feed store if you have one in the area and see if they know someone who raises ducks that can bring a surrogate mom duck over to the pond.
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The last time I saw it was 2 hours ago. If it is still there in the morning I will try your suggestions. Thanks everybody.
Need board magic for the poor ducky. Let's hope he makes it until the morning
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Poor baby duck. Sending positive energy!
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Sending from PA as well.
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Oh nooo! I'm praying for the little one. Hope you can get him help and soon. Thank goodness you are there or he wouldn't stand a chance at all.
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