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Got Netscape!

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We had Internet Explorer for a long time but it started causing us major problems lately and we couldn't go to any web site that had javascript in it, so Steve installed netscape instead and so far I am very pleased with it!!!! Do any of yall use it?
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Hello! I have Netscape but rarely use it. It seems to load so slow for me. How is it for you? What kind of problems were you having with Internet Explorer? I'm just curious.

Tammie, slave to Peaches
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well, the kids always go to and other kid web sites that have javascript in it, and it wouldn't jsut would lock up all the time and now that steve installed netscape, it hasn't locked up one time at all, and it is pretty quick so has just been a day now so I may be complaining about something eventually..
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I use both. You can update your java plug in, and it will work with IE again. The reason that netscape works for you now is that the download includes the most up to date java script software. Probably. I find that netscape is faster for a lot of things, and I like the email interface better. I usually have both browsers open at the same time.
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I am NOT a fan of Netscape. I prefer IE.
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I use Mozilla, which is basically Netscape. If you have the newest version of it, there's this neat "tabbed browsing" option. I don't know if IE has this, but the last time I used it, it didn't.

What I like about tabbed browsing is that I can open, for example, 10 threads on tcs, have a tab for each one, but it's all on the same window, just in different tabs. In IE, I'd have to have 10 windows open, which annoys me. It's VERY handy.
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Oh yeah, I think there used to be a browser called Opera that had tabbed browsing. It's probably still out there, I just haven't thought about it for awhile. But that is a nice feature.
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The only problems you may potentially run into with Netscape or Mozilla or Opera are that many companies design their products and websites for IE. Some do this for Netscape, but the overwhelming majority appears to be IE.

At my last job I tried Netscape and had nothing but troubles--we had to use both, though, because that company designed for both. This one we use and design for IE.

I've tried Mozilla on my own and it couldn't work with my school site at the time so I had to scrap that. I liked it otherwise, though.
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I use netscape, always have, I dont like IE - too many popup ads and freezes too often.
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I'm a proud user of Netscape too!!
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I have IE, and a while ago I had problems with it locking up all the time. My son is very skilled with computers, and he was able to determine that (in my case) some freeware programs that I had downloaded were causing IE to lock up. Once I deleted those programs the problem was solved!
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I've never had any problems, with IE and I'm a total computer dummy.
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All right. I am very frustrated to hear that companies will design web sites to JUST work with IE. That's like only using MSWord, and assuming that everyone can open the files. I do some web site design, and the first rule I learned is that the site should work well in ALL or MOST browsers. I think that its just rude to force people to use one product. If I find a company that has a web site that will not open properly in netscape, I just send them a little note telling them I am sorry I cannot use their site, good luck with their other customers.

That's my rant for the day.
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What operating system and connection do you have? If you update IE your problems should be solved.
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I agree that it's terrible when companies have a monopoly going and you're pretty much forced to use their product (IE/Microsoft). It appears to me that most sites are now compatible with IE or Netscape. There are still a few that may say "best if viewed with IE XX" but I don't really have any problems with another browser.

AFter reading Rock&Fluffs Mom's post I decided to try Netscape again too and I love it. It has tabs now, which I love! And this time I left it in the start up task bar and it loads faster. It also now has a sidebar where you can easily access AIM or ICQ instantly. And if you don't want the sidebar open you can slide it closed (0r x it closed all together!)
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How do you get Netscape? Can you download it for free?

I use IT 6 and it's ok but can be a lil slow at times

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Sam - you can download it from and click on downloads.

GOod luck sweets.
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Hey Kellye!

Thanks for that I will give it a go.

Thanks again.

lOvE sAm
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