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Have interview on Monday

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I applied just over a week ago to a veterinary practice, they want a veterinary nurse - experienced preferred. I said in my application, although I have never worked in a "vet environmet", I am more than happy to work late nights and weekends and pay for any training. They also want this person to do reception and administration for the company, which for the last six years I have been in a reception postion.

I got a letter from them this morning asking me to attend an interview on Monday at 11am, I am so excited. This is all I have ever dreamed of in my life, to be able to help animals and make their life better.

I am scared, but also very excited, as I realise even to get an interview in this type of work is very difficult in England.

I'll let you all know how I feel the interview went.

Sending big hugs and purrs to you all

Clare and mews
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Sending "get that job" vibes from California!
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*sending get-the-job vibes from Pennsylvania* Good luck
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Fantastic! Good luck, Claire!!!
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Good luck, that sounds like an exciting job.
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Ohh wow! I am very excited for you! I hope you get the job!
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Good luck!
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Good luck it sounds like a great job
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