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The Litter box

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I was wondering if any of you while cleaning the litterboxes or right after cleaning them that your cats decide its the right time to make go.
As soon as I start taking out the feces and the urine, Jake goes right in and goes. Or he starts playing with the litter when I clean it. Another thing, I've put newspaper under the box because Jake scoops the litter right out the box and unto the floor. I have to put Jake in another room while I clean his litter box.
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Hi again Nena....

Has the sound of running water every made you realize you have to go.....RIGHT NOW!!!!! AAAAARGHHHH!!!!

The sound of kitty litter being flicked about does the same thing to your cat. I recommend doing this should you cat or any cat ever need encouragement to use the litter pan.
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I think of it kind of like us humans feel about a fresh cup of coffee or a freshly made bed.

My kitties love a fresh can of Fancy Feast and a fresh and clean litter box!!!
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my girls don't do that, but if they did, I would do what you are doing and put them in another room until I was done.
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My Joey did that to me once when he was a kitten. Since I was cleaning the box, he went on the floor next to it. I always scoop the box at the same time every day: first thing in the morning after I feed them. My cats are super-into the routine thing.
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it never fails.... as soon as I start cleaning the litter boxes both of the boys are right next to me waiting.. and 4 times out of 5, Oliver will just get in WHILE I'm cleaning and do his thing. Most of the time I can tell he could have waited at least an hour... but there I sit waiting for him to finish and then wait for him to take his time covering it!! My female will not do this because she cannot have anyone in the room while she goes. She's very particular about someone seeing her in such a "unlady-like position" LOL!
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Yep. I never thought that it could be like the human-running water-urination thing! I always figured he was curious as to what I was doing with HIS box, so he hops in to see, and then pees in it to reclaim it.
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It's funny that you mention the freshly made bed thing only it's not me that likes it it's Bubba.He will not go near my bed unless it is made, as soon as he sees me making it he sits on the nightstand and waits for me to finish, then he will lay there all day
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