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Cat routines!

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I had to come on the net again at like 11:45 pm b/c Shorty decided that she wanted in. And the only way I've figured out how to get her to go to sleep is to come online so that 1. she's not sleeping by herself under the computer, and 2. she likes to lick your toes/feet when you are sitting here. She won't come sleep on your bed, or on the chair/couch anything. You have to go on the net, and let her fall asleep on the floor underneath the computer, on "her" blanket! Man, talk about routine! Every night is the same! Silly cats!
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What a great cat!

Every night my 2 ginger male cats hog the pillows and then the girls come to fill in the gaps. Now these are Persian cats so they take up a lot of room and hubby and I are not the thinnest of folks! We currently have 3 girls that don't have kittens so we have a teeny space left for us!

I cannot begin to count the number of times I've awakened with a cramp or limb that has fallen asleep!
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Ours sleep on the bed with us, only two of them but it's amazing how much room two cats can take on the bed! If hubby stays up on the computer too long, Ophelia will yell at him until he comes to bed.
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We usually have 8 on the bed, but last night there were 9! I told Mike when we finish knocking out this last wall, we need to make the cats their own bedroom!
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I would like my two to sleep with me BUT Chewy races around the bed over my head, digs and bites in my hair, walks on the clock. Mittens I think was the one who peed in my bed and I am reluctant to let her in there again for awhile.

I haven't had them long enough for any routines yet.

Have a good day with your furbabies.
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I only have one kitty, so tell me how I end up with just a sliver of a full size bed (on my side) and he has the rest of the bed.
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That's funny... just like a kid they seem to get their own routines going.

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Zoey breaks my heart when I leave the house.

The worst is when I come home for lunch to check on her. Its only 1/2 hour but I like to check on her. I have my lunch, she sits near me or on her cat tree and watches me and talks to me. Then when I get ready to leave I grab my keys and turn out the light and say "Bye Boo Boo!!". AS SOON as I do this she runs to me, literally, meowing. She will either follow me to the door, or cut me off at the door and lay in front of it. She is purring so hard and meowing and rubbing all over me. It's so :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: sad but yet so cute I can barely stand it.

She associates the sound of me picking up the keys with me leaving.
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