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I don't think I ever formally introduced myself

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I've been coming to the Cat Site for months and have posted some and read alot. But I don't think I ever formally introduced myself to this group of wonderful cat lovers.

My name is Dawn, and I live in Arlington Texas, which is a suburb of Fort Worth. I have two small children, Amy, who is almost 5 and Adam who is 2 and a half. I am very lucky to be a stay-at-home mom. My husband is an IT project manager for a company in Fort Worth. He was laid off from his job at Wyndham International back in November of last year and didn't find another job until this Feb. That was the hardest thing we had ever been through. Since I don't work, money is always tight, and we hadn't saved up money to get us through an unemployment. Thanks to God, family, and friends, we managed to survive the challenge without losing our house or either of our cars. Of course, we got really behind on everything.

During this time, my female cat Muffy should have been spayed (she's just now 1). Due to lack of money, we had to postpone this. My daughter, bless her heart, kept wondering why Muffy cried all the time and wanted out of the house. I told her that Muffy wanted out because she wanted to have babies. Of course, Amy then proceeded to let Muffy out so she could find some. Muffy had those babies last Saturday. She had five beautiful kittens, 4 tabbies and 1 solid black. We're going to keep at least one and maybe two if I can convince hubby. The others already have homes with friends from my husband's work. Muffy will be spayed in the beginning of August. Thankfully we now have money to afford this and the care of the new ones.

Anyway, sorry about the novel. Just wanted to say hi, nice to meet you finally!

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I am glad it's all going to work out. I remember that post. It's nice to meet you. I am sure you will have some great kitten stories to share.
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Oh, and here's the link to my website. There's pictures of Muffy on there. For some reason, the files are really big, so I can't post them here.


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I loved the story about your daughter letting muffy out to find her babies! that is too priceless.

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It is really great to meet you Dawn. I am fairly new to this site as well but am totally addicted and am learning some new things every day. Everyone is so wonderful and it is nice to come home from work and read all the great posts.
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Awwwwww, new babies!!!!!
I am so glad you have joined us here, Dawn!!!!\\
I hope you stay!!!

Your kitties and your children sound absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!
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