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Silly non-cat people

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My neighbor came over to borrow some ice, and to tell me about her boss's cat that got in a fight and has a huge absess on his neck, poor thing. They are giving him IV treatment and antibiotics cuz he wont eat anything. Sad. Anyway, she looked at Zoey and said "What is wrong with her feet!" I laughed, I'm like "What?? She's got extra toes!" And she's like "Oh how funny... why is it like that? Is that something they can remove like declawing?" GOOD GOD WOMAN LOL!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Then she saw Zoey's underbelly kinda wobbling back and forth when she was walking.. lol. Zoey is not fat, but she is dense. And like a lot of cats she has that kinda extra flab of skin under her belly by her back legs that wobbles around when she walks. Then she felt her tummy and said "What is with all these little rolls of fat?? Does she have tumors??" Oh my goodnes.. now she's got me all paranoid!! I think she has that from her spay job, where they folded the skin over to stitch it. But sheesh. come on non cat people!!!!!!
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that lady doesnt know animals very well, almost every cat that has been spayed or neutered has that fat that wobbels as you call it that is called a fat pad, its noraml, but i asure you zoey is fine, shes so pretty and healthy looking, thats terrible about that cats neck, hope it get s better poor baby
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Thanks I didnt know that about the spaying.. I had a hunch but wasnt sure. My ChiChi cat at mom's house has the same thing, but bigger LOL.

This lady knows everything there is to know about rats... She has cages and cages of rats in her apartment. *sends Zoey in LOL
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are you kidding RATS, that is strange, wonder why rats???
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She keeps them as pets.

She kisses and loves them like I would Zoey.

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rats are supposed to be really smart and make great pets...but they are not my cup of tea

She is lucky zoe didn't kick her butt!! Neo doesn't like to be insulted about his fluffiness
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Then she immediately picked Zoey up and wanted to cuddle her .. I was like Zoey doesnt like to be picked up!! Zoey said "MEOOOOOOOOOWWWWWPUTMEDOWWWN!" LMAO!
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i guess everyone is differnt, i never knew that about rats being good pets, i dont think i could handle that, maybe she will be in a movie some day about her rats like willard
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Zoey should have got her for the dumbness of her remarks

Rats! Ugh I would have a whole herd of cattle if I was around them
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Zoey is too damn friendly LOL. She greets anyone that comes in and has to investigate. It was so cute though, while we were standing in the kitchen talking, Zoey kept rubbing on my legs, as if to protect me or something
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Originally posted by dougbug
i guess everyone is differnt, i never knew that about rats being good pets, i dont think i could handle that, maybe she will be in a movie some day about her rats like willard
I saw a special on tv ages ago about people that live in NYC having rats as pets. I guess they opted for them because they're small and can adapt to very small apartments well. Definitely not my thing, but those people looked to love their rats like I love my Spike.
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Sorry, but I just wouldn't want to cuddle with a bunch of rats on a chilly night. *shudder*

Tell that silly woman that Zoey is the next step in feline evolution, she has an opposable thumb
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I had 2 rats, black and white and they were so freindly, just scratch their head and they purr! My son use to set the rats on the cats back and the cat would just loolk at him, like why are you doing this to humiliate me? Funny thing is I am scared of mice, but rats are o.k, another funny thing is that cat would catch mice, but knew these rats were pets. Linda
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Rats that purr??
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My first rat , Jack died a few months back. I have 2 at present Sally & Jaffa!, They make wonderful pets. Not as good as cats though

Please don't put rats down ya'll, There are some rat lovers out there

Not one of my kitties has tummy fat. They get fed a well balanced diet.

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Rats make awesome pets! I kept them for years! They are as smart as a cat or dog, and just as friendly. Fritz loved to be cuddled, and would do tricks (stop laughing now, I'm serious). He would come to me when I called him, and had about three tricks (he would have learned more if I'd taken the time to teach him). He could spin in a circle, stand-up, and jump through my fingers. His daughter, Iliad, pretty much had free reign of the house (we had no cats or dogs). She was an awesome rat. She'd use her cage as a litterbox, never pooped or peed on the floor, EVER. She'd run all over the house, and come back with I called her, everytime. During her excursions, however, I found out later on that she had been a bit of a "pack rat". She stole a bunch of the dog bones that I used as rat treats, and hid them under my bed, in the course of several months. I didn't find out until we moved and found about 100 of them in a huge pile. Pepe, one of my blue rats (pretty color), was leash trained. Blue was trained to jump to my shoulder (could have really freaked people out with that trick!). I had one little guy, a pretty little boy named Rico, who was a bit shy. I had three of them out, Rico, Fritz, and Odyssey. They were running and playing and having fun. I decided to call them each to see how well they responded, especially Rico. So I called fritz, he ran over and jumped on my lap. Then Odyssey, same thing. Then I called Rico, he didn't run over, but he stuck his head out around the corner as if to say "what?". Then ran back to his hiding spot. I called again, he stuck his head out again. He knew I was calling him, he just didn't want to come to me. He never did come to me that day, but he eventually came around.

I don't keep them anymore. I can't get so attached to an animal who's gonna die when it's 2 years old. It got to be too much. The chinchillas aren't quite as fun as the rats, but they are better in other ways. And they live for 15 - 20 years.

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Good Message Dawn

They do make the very BEST pets, That's why they are at the top of my animal list[siggy]

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Rats do make good pets. We had a little brown one named Acala (after the San Diego mission) and she was really sweet. When she died my ex got me two mice to replace her. Those mice were mean little suckers! And they started our flea infestation so I put them out on the back porch. The next time I checked on them one had killed the other and was eating him! Gross! So I dumped that little critter in the field behind our house. I didn't want anything like that in my house.

As for fat pads--I've read that it's normal for neutered mammals to develop a fat pad. Even humans do so.
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I know what you mean, one of Steve's friends came over the other day saying he thought Rocky was a pregnant female...I am glad I wasn't here when he said it because I would be like....ummm..hello..he is an indoor cat, and most indoor cats tend to be more on the chubbier side and don't have to fight for their food like outside cats...some people...just put the plugs in the ears....
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Not one of my kitties has tummy fat. They get fed a well balanced diet.

Good for you. Zoey gets fed a well balanced diet as well.
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oh nooooo i would never run down any kind of animal, i lovem all, i just didnt know rats made good pets thats all, thats great if they do, i have a friend that has a snake and one that has a pair of agunnias,teks im afraid of them though to each his own i say, i'll stick to kitties, btw, some kitties get the fat pad some dont most inside cats do, but not all, like some people, both my boys have them, and my vet said that is normal after spay or neutering exspecialing inside only cats, so dont worry if your cat has a hang down i call it haha
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I was amazed because I heard the lifespan of a rat was 4 years and they lived for 5, and besides a good diet ate all kinds of junk food like pizza crust and cheetos. They develpoed cancer tumors and had to be put to sleep, rats are very sussepible to cancer. And on his last days the last one I had, was eating peanut butter off my finger and getting eyedroppers of water. And yes, they did purr when you scratched their heads. Linda
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
rats are supposed to be really smart and make great pets...but they are not my cup of tea
Speaking of Rats... Did anyone see Jay Leno last week when he had his "Teenage Wasteland" segment? He had this teenage boy on there that put tapioca pudding in his mouth and then let his pet rat eat it out of his mouth. YUCK! Sorry Rat lovers.... but that is gross!

Tammie & Peachy
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