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Big butt frogs !

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I was just watching animal planet,you poor people who live in FL,you have to deal with (cane toads) I didn't know they got that big,and were posion!!(sp) ick!!!
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I think the biggest shock I got when I lived in Fla was the noise! Cicadas, crickets, frogs of every size and shape. Every bug is three times bigger than mostly everywhere else...including coclroaches!
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Its that way here in Savannah too, we live not too far from the coast and its very noisy here at night from all the frogs and bugs making their noises! I just got a huge mole cricket away from my cats on the screened porch! We have lots of frogs, toads and green rain frogs and turtles, and egrets and rabbits in our area! Its basically a swamp here so we have all kinds of critters around!
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I live in Florida and I really like all of our little critters. You get use to there unique sounds, and it is now hard to fall asleep without them.
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Where do you live in Florida Vararie?
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Webster but, it's really in the middle of nowhere.
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They said if a dog of cat bites one they could die! Is that true?
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I lived in Ocala, near Silver Springs. I loved the noise after I got used to it. I was 10 when we moved there so it was rather overwhelming.
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Yes a dog or cat can die just by playing with one of the frogs, luckily most animals just get sick for a few days which is better then dying.
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Thank God we don't have any here!
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I was just watching that too
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Ive never heard of those kind of frogs, we have some brownish looking toads, and the cats dont bother them at all, they do go for the green rain frogs though, the toads must give off some kind of something to make other animals leave them alone, cause my cats wont get near one of those toads. There are so many kinds of animals around here. I drive my husband nuts sometimes, when I see a turtle trying to cross the road, I get out of the car and put it on the other side if I can to make sure it doesnt get hit. If he is with me I make him do it, but if its just me I do it myself.
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I went out on the front porch one night and I saw a frog in the bushes. I thought to myself, when did Steven get a new lawn ornament??? When I got closer to it to check it out it hopped! It was sooo huge!
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We have spadefoot and Colorado River toads, both of which are poisonous.
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