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last rites for a faithful friend (non-cat) (lot's o' pics)

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Some of you might have read my earlier post of how I was hit by a drunk driver who then fled the scene. Here are the pictures of our dearly departed little car...

First: the intact car (well, not actually OUR car, but make, model and color are the same)Add a few rust spots in for good measure.

And now the damage:

Man was I lucky to be able to walk away without a scratch!!!
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OMG you were lucky!! wow! poor car
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Damn!!! Very lucky indeed. Did they ever catch the guy??
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Wow! You were very lucky! I assume its totaled then. Looks bad.
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It's really lucky he hit the front of your car and not the door!
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OMG! You were so lucky! Thank God that you were not hurt. At least the car is replaceable, you could never be replaced!
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Very glad to hear you walked away without a scratch. Really sorry you lost your car.
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You were definitely lucky to walk away unhurt. I am sorry about the car though.
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Wow! I am so glad that you got out of that without a scratch. Paying respects to the dearly departed car
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Sicycat, yes, they did catch the drunk driver. He'd managed to get his car (which had at least 2 flat tires and smoke coming out of the hood) to a town 20 minutes away before the cops caught up to him. He's facing criminal charges (drunk driving and hit-and-run charges). Luckily, our insurance is covering the rental of a boat... I mean car (bleepin' Dodge Grand Caravan!!!) for a few weeks. And while we have the bus, we're really hitting the car dealerships, looking for reasonably priced hatchbacks (we need to carry a large size crate for the dog) to replace ol' Bessy. (any of you notice the windshield washer fluid tank hanging by the front right tire? I swear it's there by sheer willpower!)

But I guess in perspective, comparing our car to the one behind it in the impound lot, it's not half bad. The other car's hood is GONE. Must have been a serious head-on collision, because the hood is flat and the windshield is smashed something awful.
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Holy MOLY! I'm grateful you didn't get hurt! if I just saw the car,I'd ask if the person is still in the hospital. That is horrendous! I'm glad they caught the guy though( and I bet he is in sorry shape now!).
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Holy crap!

I was involved in a v-e-r-y minor accident with some weirdo who was under the influence of SOMETHING a few weeks ago. Five minutes later, he hit another lady, who sustained damage about equal to your poor car. Due to many screw-ups, he got charged with NOTHING!

Fast forward to yesterday, when I talked to his insurance company about the status of my claim. She reports that the jackass was involved in an almost identical accident a WEEK ago on the same damn bridge! I hope they fry his behind in hot oil.
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Wow, you did get lucky. And I'm glad they caught the guy who did it. Hopefully they can keep him off the road for a while.
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Your poor car, it was beautiful at one time! So glad you were one of the lucky ones that walked away unhurt!
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