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3 week old kitten pictures

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Drum roll........

Here's the abandoned cat we've been taking care for officially a week! He's doing very well and is getting to be more and more active every day. As of this morning, he's weighing in at 13.8oz
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oh my he is a cutie! your doing a fantastic job with him, keep up the great work!!!
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He is a cutie pie
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Ohhh, the memories. I've had Blossom since she was 3 weeks old, now 3 yrs old.

He's so cute, what's his name?
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We havent really named him yet. Nothing we've come up with has really fit him, so its still up in the air.
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Oh he is a cutie pie!
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He looks like a little stuffed toy; a "Teddy-cat"

A nice looking little guy

Looks like he is doing real well.
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omg he is adorable!
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What a lil' cutie! Glad he's doing well
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Soooo cute! He looks like a little bear cub.
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Og, he is just so adorable, I want to pick him up and cuddle him.xx
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What a cutie. Are his/her eyes blue??
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yes, his eyes are blue, but i thought that was normal for his age, and figured they would change.. i hope they stay blue, but who knows.
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Oooooooh what a dear!
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such a cutie! He does look like a stuffed toy!
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Looks like a Sooty to me.
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Well, we've officially made it over 2 weeks with the kitten. He weighs over a pound now (he's weighing in at over 18oz!). So, we know he's a month now. he's looking more a more and like a kitten and not just alittle puff of fur. lol.. He's easily drinking 1oz at each feeding, and thats about every 3 hours. He's pretty good about letting you know when its time to eat. We bought a big rubber maid (with the lid off) that he sleeps in. Its pretty large. We stuck a shallow thing of cat litter (non-clumping) that we stick him in after his feedings. Still no luck with that, but he's young. We're not sure exactly how to start weening him of the bottle. He gets pretty agressive now at feedings, and my hands are pretty clawed up from it. We've tried a shallow dish of milk, but still no luck with that. How can I start the process? We're slowly letting him check out the house... more like the living room, but our lab is pretty curious of the kitten so he doesnt stay out long (1/2 hour usually).

Well, here's a picture from about 5 days ago. He's grown even more since then, so I need to get a few more shots of him.

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