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talking & crying

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Two year old cat displaying periods of almost constant crying/meowing. It's not the meow that she uses when she wants to eat, and it seems to be happening mostly in the evenings.

Anyone have experience with this?
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Has your kitty been fixed?
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We need a bit more information here. How long have you had the cat? Has there been a recent change in your household routine? Do you have a regular play time?

Sam cries like that when he wants something; yesterday he cried for 2 hours until I took him outside for a few mintues, then he was quiet. Its usually to tell you something....you just have to figure out what it is they are saying.
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Zoey is a freak. Sometimes when she's done in her litterbox and comes out, she sits in the kitchen and yeowls. LOL.. until I say "Boo Boo!!!" then the yeowl instantly turns into a meow.

I dunno, cats are weird.
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No there's been no change in the routine here, and we don't have a regular playtime, but I play with her from time to time throughout the day. I really think the cry is to go outside, but I want her to be an indoor cat (although I'm tempted to let her go out when she does that crying). I don't want to start with fleas and ticks, much less take a chance that she would get into trouble and need a vet, or worse.
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Sam cries to go outside to eat grass. I grow cat grass in a flower pot for him in the winter time, that keeps him happy. There may be something really specific like that she is looking for.
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Like Zoey, Max meows to get my attention. He will go in the other room and let a string of the most pitiful meows and then I will say, "What's wrong my baby?" and he'll come running and we cuddle. It's like he's saying, "You need to pay more attention to me."
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Good ideas. I am having someone grow rye grass for me so I'll see if that's what she wants. I noticed when she got out by mistake she immediately started to eat grass.

I know when she needs affection because she'll come to me. If she gets too much she tends to bite, but thankfully has not broken skin yet. Previously abused?
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Max will, I call, "play bite" too when he has had enough petting. He's not all that interested in being petted for long, he just wants to sit in my lap. Then he is completely contented.

When he does "play bite" I gently touch him on the nose and say (in a firm tone - not angry) "No". He stops and relaxes.
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