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I think it's happening again........

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Hi everyone,
I no sooner get the 2 kitties straightened out then my Whiskers gets sick. I've noticed for a couple of days he hasn't acted quite like himself, but was still eating some of his Fancy Feast. He even ate a little of it last night, but I just wasn't comfortable with it and took him to the vet. I have an appt. tomorrow for the dogs shots, but was afraid to wait, after Gateway's death. Whiskers hasn't thrown up that I'm aware of, but his temp. was 105. The vet said he was treating it like the virus the others had with fluids and antibiotics. I'm worried to death that he will be as sick as Scrappy. It's true that adult cats can survive the virus better than kittens because they have better immune systems. But Whiskers has been compromised because of that liver ailment that almost killed him a couple of years ago. When the kittens got sick, we took the other 2 (Whiskers and Sassy) in for booster shots. But the vet says he's not sure which came first, the booster or the virus. He's literally our pride and joy and our baby and if he dies, I'll just go ballistic. I know there isn't anything you all can do except for prayers and we sure need them now.....I just needed to vent......when is it ever going to end???????

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You poor thing! get well vibes coming your way!
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Get better soon Whiskers!
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i sure hope he is okay! We are taking neo in to the vet tomorrow because he is our baby and he has been acting lazier then normal. He did spend time with isadora and they are not sure what made her sick so i'm very worried about him! Tons of healthy kitty vibes coming your way!
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Yes me too hon....good vibes going your way also.....I'm getting a sick feeling in my stomach and it scares me to death. Whiskers is such a unique cat, (I know everyone thinks that, ) but its true. Everyone says they broke the mold when they made him.....I'm taking him back in the morning when I take the dogs in for their shots. The vet gave me some antibiotics to give him by syringe twice a day, plus gave him fluid and a vitamin shot. He was unlike himself totally today when I took him in. He was growling and he NEVER does that. He's usually so easy going, the kitties can climb all over him and it doesn't bother him. I'm almost afraid to go to sleep tonight.......
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I sure hope he is okay!! tons of healthy kitty vibes going to you! I hate when they are sick it would be so much easier if they could say I dont feel good and this is why. It is so hard to not know what is wrong with them.
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When he had that liver infection or whatever it was, we thought for sure we were going to lose him. The vet said if it was his cat, he'd have him put to sleep. We almost did, but kept taking him back and he'd give him more cortisone and antibiotics. He was so bad his liver count was off the charts and his skin was totally yellow. His muscles had deteriorated to the point he could hardly walk. Then he just started to improve day by day. Up until now, you'd never have known he was ever sick. When he's didn't go in the kitchen begging for Fancy Feast, and patting me on the butt the past few days, I knew he was sick. I could open the cabinet door for the Fancy Feast and he'd come running from anywhere in the house. If we could never get him out of hiding, all we had to do was open and close that cabinet door. For a day or so I thought maybe it was just him pouting because of the new kitties, but then when he kept it up, I knew it was more than that. I'm saying prayers for both of our babies.....
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I'll be keeping Whiskers in my thoughts! This sick kitty thing has to pass eventually. Hope it's soon.
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Whiskers ate a tiny bit of his food this morning before my husband went to work. I'm crossing my fingers that the antibiotics are kicking in and that he's getting better. Yesterday Dr. Stone told me that our county animal shelter had to euthanize over 300 cats and kittens this last month because of feline distemper. He says that besides my babies, he has 6 other cases. He said that there seems to be so many variations of it that he's not sure the vaccines are doing much good. I've also read on the web that there are a lot more cities and towns all across the country that are having the same problem. I guess this hideous disease is in epidemic proportions. Even keeping your babies inside isn't even a solution because it can be brought inside so easily on clothes or shoes. My babies have all been inside kitties ever since I've had them but I guess now that isn't a guarantee that they won't get sick. More later.

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Oh no! Sending all the kitties get well vibes I can from IA!!!
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Sending healthy energy to your crew, especially Whiskers!
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I hope things improve soon!
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One of the problems is that if a cat is vaccinated for the first time for distemper it will take another 14 days before it becomes fully effective. If the cat gets exposed to distemper during that time period it might help and yet it might not.

Our local shelter had 2 distemper out breaks - one last fall and another a few months later - it's horrible!
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