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Are your cats afraid of the Vacuum?

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Bastian and Jake are deathly afraid of it and hide until it is put away. However, Drew LOVES it. His favorite game is to plop down right in front of it and stare and if you knudge him lightly with it he'll roll over on his back and reveal his tummy to you. It's so odd. He loves it.

He can hear it just fine too because when I feed them and he hears the food being poored he wakes up from a dead sleep and hauls tail into the kitchen to get some grub. LOL!

My cats are so dang odd.
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All my cats hate it!!!!!!!!!!
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My boys will scatter to another room like the devil himself is nipping at their heels

After about 30 minutes when the beast is put away they will slink back into the room where I am with big ole eyes
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My mom's cats hate it, and pretty much anything else that makes loud noises. My dog is afraid of it, but she will bark at it and attempt to get closer when it isn't moving.
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Ah, the Monster Machine! Ivo used to be really scared of it (she'd hide in the closet in my bedroom). Now, she just moves into another room when I start vacuuming.

Strangely, Ivo likes to sniff it when it's not running. A few months ago I spilled a bottle of cumin, and used the vacuum to clean it up. It still smells like cumin when I vacuum!
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Socks just thinks "oh, the monster is out, I'll go take a nap until it's gone". Or at least that's what I think she thinks.
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Snowball used to run as soon as I got the vacuum cleaner out. Lately, he's been braver. He stays in the room while I vacuum and doesn't run until it gets closer to him.
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Indie actually pooped himself the first time he came face to face with it.
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Wow I thought all cats hated the vaccuum

Zoey just goes into the bedroom and sits behind the bed until I'm done
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Toes literally took the tip of my nose off (big hunk missing) just from seeing a vacuum cleaner (it wasn't even on!). Big ol' scaredy cat! You'd think I'd chased him with it or something and I know that's never happened.
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My cats hate it! They see me wheeling that little Dirt Devil around and they are gone in a split second! Mom's pooch absolutely has a conipition fit when she sees it! She starts barking and then she charges at it. Teeth glaring and all! Then she'll bite at the rubber rim around the bottom and tries to carry it away! Now...imagine a tiny little Pomeranan doing that! It's quite funny to see such a little dog act like a Great Dane!
It's never a peaceful duty at my house!
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2 cats are deathly afraid of the vaccum, Patches momma cat could care less either way.
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OOOHHH YEAH!!! They absolutely H-A-T-E it with a passion!!! They hide for the entire time--then slink back upstairs about 1/2 hour later--looking VERY cautiously around, to make SURE that "Monster" is not hiding on them!!!
That is SO funny about your kitty --Drew!! I figured all kitties hated vacuum cleaners!
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Shell my little Yorkie did that!! Like all 6 poundsa of hair could move it!
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yes angel is afraid of it.
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i have 2 cats nad 1 is afraid and one isnt, the one that is afraid of most things is the one that isnt afraid of the vacuum, isnt that odd?
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Spike is definitely afraid of it. Every now and then he'll be brave and watch it from the top of his cat tree. Otherwise he flees the scene.
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My cats definetly hide when I vaccuum. There is a new robot type vaccuum on the market, it is small, circular and wireless. You set it down and it scoots all across the house and cleans all types floors and no need to be home, it turns itself can you imagine what the cats would think if we did this??? I would be tempted to buy a mini spy cam just to see their reaction! Linda
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LOL! I will have to get a picture of Drew with the vacuum. He just lays there and looks at it with a really bored expression on his face and he refuses to move. You have to lightly nudge him a few times with it, and then he'll reluctantly get up and ponder off to a new spot. The other cats like to watch it from a distance. LOL!

What is really funny is that Drew is scared of the tiniest things but will brave things most cats dislike. He is DEATHLY afraid of the outside world. He doesn't mind it late at night when its silent and peaceful but he will NOT go past our door when it is daylight. Open that door and he RUNS as fast as possible to a corner acrossed the room. While Jake and Bastian are scrambling to escape outside.

I have three deep scars on my armpit from when I thought he might enjoy going outside. Took him out and just as I was about to set him down in the grass a kid goes by on a motorized scooter (it was REALLY loud) and Drew went apesh*t. Scrambling and kicking trying to get out of my arms and run far far away. Those back claws dug right into my arm. I had two choices let him and go and have him run to God knows where when there is heavy traffic just a block away or hold on to him as tight as possible and RUN to the door. Craig was laughing at me while I was trying to sooth and suppress his fighting. I was bleeding quite badly and broke into tears when I got inside. I just couldn't let him go, but man it hurt SO BAD.

Since then I don't take him out unless it's like 2:00 am and Craig is with me.
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Wow, props to you for hanging onto Drew and taking that physical abuse!! I got similarly injured when I had my sister's cat sleeping on my chest and somebody rang the doorbell. He freaks at the sound of the doorbell, and I still have the paw skid-mark scars to prove it!

Yeah and Homer's also terrified of the Vacuum Cleaner Monster. So much so that even when he hears the faintest sound of another one anywhere in the apartment complex, he hides under the covers for an hour.

Hey, I just thought of something! Next time I have to shut him out of the bedroom, I'll just put the vacuum in front of the door to keep him from scratching at it and howling there all night! Sweeeet.....
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The vacuum monster is much feared at my house. Ophelia just runs and hides. Trent is my brave boy, my guard cat. He hisses and swats at the monster, then jumps back as far as he can until he gets brave enough to do it again. What's so funny about it is that he has the wimpiest little hiss you've ever heard. Sounds like someone breathing! He also hisses and growls at people outside the window coming up to our door - even me and hubby! Quite the guard cat I have!
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Loki isn't afraid - but doesn't love it either. Let's say I am vacuuming the living room he just hops on the couch until I am done.
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Three of mine hate it likes it's the V-E-T LOL! Rocket however is either silly or very brave because he loves both of them! (the vacuum and the vet!) all the oters(Twig, Isis and Luna) will scatter and hide!
Now it makes sense of why I only vacuum once a year!
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Peedoodle hides under the bed until I have finished vacuuming, Kahu is deaf and so he sits and stares at it but sometimes if he sees Peedoodle running away, he will run away too.
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my cat despises the vacuum.. he won't go near it on or off, and if he decides to start tearing stuff up all i have to do is roll it out and he instantly behaves..
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This is too weird because I was going to ask the same thing just a second ago..
Rocky is very leery(sp?) of it and will watch from distances, but if I get too close he moves and goes to another place where he can see what I am doing..Fluffy, on the other hand, I don't even have to turn it on, if she sees it in my hand, she dashes out never to be seen until the end of the day....she hates it!!!
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Hi! Peaches is not afraid of the vacuum. She just lies on the coffee table and watches me! I believe she thinks humans work is rather boring.

Tammie & Peaches
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