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Meow there!

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Hello all,

Just wanted to take a quick second to say hello & introduce myself. I came across this site in a desperate search for tips on how to help our new cat and old cat get along. I'm excited to have found this site because it looks like a great community & I've already learned a lot just by browsing around!

My boyfriend and I have been 'only cat' owners for quite some time. Cassey Cat is a tortoise shell of 9 years. She's lived with other Cats before but has been spoiled by being an only child for the last 5 years or so.

After much debate & research we finally decided to adopt another Cat. Enter Noche, a 3 year old Male...not sure what type of cat he is, longhaired and black...part Persian (maybe). We rescued him from a shelter and have had him for only 10 days.

I'll post a separate thread under the behavior forum for advice on how we can have a happy family again with Cassey and Noche...we are in much upheaval right now! : (

But I'm excited to have found this site and look forward to any insight you can all provide!

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welcome to the site!! I'm sure you will love it here!
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Welcome to the site! You've found a great place where people will try to help in whatever way we can.

The one thing is that patience is definitely the key when dealing with cats, as I'm sure you know. It will take some time for the two to realize that the other isn't going away, and there is enough territory to go around. 10 days isn't long at all, there is lots and lots of hope for you.
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hi and welcome aboard you will like it here im sure, you can really learn alot and enjoy talking about your furry kids, hope to see you around
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Welcome!!!! Please feel free to post pictures of your kitties, we love seeing each other's fur-kids!
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Hi Karma, welcome to the board! Hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!
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Welcome Karma!

Can we see some pictures of your babey?


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and of course your newly adopted one oooooOooOoOoOopsy!
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