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Sam went for a little stroll

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I have the cats at work with me today, because its nice and cool here. I usually watch to see that they are not in trouble. Sam was crying for a couple of hours, wanting to go outside, although I explained that he wouldn't like it out there, its too hot.

I was in the office, and realized that I could hear street sounds more clearly than usual. Sure enough, front door is open, no Sam to be found. Although Bailey was sitting staring out the front door. So I went outside. Sam has never ever been out of doors unsupervised, but I do know his usual route.

I checked the front of the building, no luck. I started down the side, and found him, crouched under a big Hosta plant. Boy did he look happy to see me, he ran up to me meowing. The thing is, they are putting a new roof on the house next door, and instead of a nice clear walkway to the nice grass patch at the back, there was a huge pile of old shingles. Sam probably wondered why his world was all turned around!

Now he is happily sleeping indoors. I am so happy that I have been taking him outside. My theory was that I would know where he might go if he did escape, and now I see that was the case.
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I am still trying to get over the fact that you take them to work LOL.
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I might take mine to work - but she never seems inclined to do any work. (she won't even clean her catbox when it gets nasty)
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When I lived right behind where I work, Fred would escape occasionally. I would leave the back door tho the shop open, and he would eventually stroll in. He can't stand to have people anywhere near that are not paying attention to him, and he doesn't think anyone is a stranger. He would come in and visit, then Iwould take him home.
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Oh, I live upstairs from work. So its not so much taking them anywhere, as it is opening the door and letting them hang out with me. Or answering the pathetic wailing I hear from behind the closed door when they think a cat lover might be downstairs. Its a pretty good arrangement, although I have a pair of really spoiled cats who think that they should be with me 24/7.
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