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Re: Constipation or worms???

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I just found a kitten barely a month old. He can eat by himself. When I found him he had a big belly already. I immdeatly gave him some metamucil(sp?) with milk and he went twice in the same day. Today I had to do the same for him to go the bathroom, for how long will he have the big stomach, I mean does it go away in a period of a week or so? Or is it worms?

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Your kitten needs to see a vet for the correct medication for it's symptoms. Cats or kittens should not have milk and if they have worms medamucile(sp) will not get rid of them. Plus the kitten needs it's shots. Please see your vet
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The big stomach may not be worms, the kitten may be impacted because mom isn't around to stimulate him. You really should go to a vet and please do not feed your kitten milk- not cows milk or goats milk. Milk is the only food that goes in liquid and comes out solid. It is not a good thing for cats to have. The kitten needs a vet visit, probably a kitty enema and some KMR. Please see your vet quickly, the fact that you have to make him go to the bathroom should tell you he is in distress.
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Thanks for all the advise. I didn't know it was that serious, since I always raised kittens with goat's milk. I will take him to the vet.

Also it's a good thing I have my dog helping me out, she's letting him suckle and she's cleaning him, so that would also (I guess) stimulate him in the while I take him to a vet.
Funny, she already raised another kitten that way. What's amazes me, is she's never been pregnant, but she manages to produce milk.

Thank you for everything.
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