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Mexican Hairless

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Is anyone familiar with the mexican hairless and how to obtain info on breeders? I also want to know how to find breeders of other cats.
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I have never even seen a mexican hairless cat. If you want to find breeders, the best place is a search on the net or Cats or cat fancy magazine. They have breeder directories in the back.
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Upon searching yahoo, a Mexican Hairless is a dog. I believe what you are referring to is a Sphynx which a hairless cat.

Check this site out. It'll help.


Good luck. You'll also find directories for sphynx breeders too.

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To see the different breeds try the websites for the cat fancies such as CFA (The Cat Fancier's Association), TICA (The International Cat Association), ACFA (American Cat Fancier's Association), AACE (American Association of Cat Enthusiasts), UFO (United Feline Organization), etc.
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There is no Mexican Hairless cat - you have the Sphynx and the Pieterbald - two hairless cats - that's it.
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Rene, I've heard of a breed called the Petersburg Sphynx in Russia. Is that the same as the Peterbald? I've attached a pic of what was referred to as the Petersburg Sphynx. I had also heard of the Mexican Hairless, but it was listed on a breed page as having died out.
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Fireshoes -
They are one and the same - the Pieterbald has slight differences to the Sphynx - I honestly do not know what they are as I have never seen one or even the standard for one. I have never heard of the Mexican Hairless - but if you come up with a picture of what one once looked like, I would be interested - I will also ask the very experienced breeders and judges who are my and Ken's mentors when we are at the show this weekend. Ken - remind me if I forget.
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I believe that there were 3 types of hairless cat that were allowed to become extinct due to lack of demand before the Sphinx caught on. I know nothing of them, however, even their names (this is discussed briefly in the Cat Breed Encyclopedia, for those of you that have access to it - that's the one with all the nice pictures). Is it possible that the Mexican Hairless is one of these?
It is also a dog though.
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