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Is tunafish good for cats

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iwas just wondering if tunafish was good for cats
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Nope, bad for them actually. It contains a lot of fat that can built up on kitty's liver and cause real problem.

Every once in a while as a treat it's OK, but not as a regular part of kitty's diet.

I always did have another question about tuna, though. Hopefully one of our resident experts can help me out.

We only get tuna in light spring water. Is tuna water as bad for them as actual tuna? They don't get it often and they don't get a lot, but I've always wondered about that.
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It really isn't a good food. Once in a blue moon for a treat is okay- like once every 3 months and only a little bit. Besides the high polyunstaturated fats, there is also the danger of mercury poisoning. Humans can deal with the mercury, but cats and kittens can't. A better alternative is the dried fish they now make for cats, or even just Figaro cat food Tuna flavored.
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Actually I just read an article that humans are having lots of problems with mercury poisoning now (because we eat more fish than we used to). It gives you symptoms similar to mild Alzheimer's. A cat's body is much smaller, though, so it builds up faster.
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I didnt really know this before. When my rainbow bridge cat was dying, the last week or so before we put her down, she wouldnt eat anything but Tuna. We fed her tuna because it was literally all she would eat, and we knew she had to get some kind of food in her. I feel really bad now. I hope I didnt contribute to her passing.
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Sicy, my cat Penny went through phases where the only thing she'd eat was tuna. The vet said it was okay to do it for a little bit, but to always try to get her to eat cat food too. I once went 6 months where the only thing she'd eat was tuna.
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The first two days we had Berkley she would not eat cat food. Steven came home from work to feed her with a bottle. Until...We gave her some tuna! She ate it right away. After having eaten the tuna, she ate the cat food just fine. Strange but it worked!
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Sisycat-- PLEASE don't beat yourself up about giving your poor little sick kitty, tuna fish to eat!! If that was all the kitty would eat, what were you to do??? If it gave your kitty comfort, it was a good thing. And if it were in the process of passing on, I do believe it was NOT from the tuna. So you gave your little kitty some comfort with something it REALLY liked, before it headed to the Rainbow Bridge....
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Thanks, I defintately wont be feeding Zoey any Tuna.

They think Sasha had cancer. I miss her.
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Besides the mercury content I also hear it depletes their vitamin E, and if they are getting tuna then you should squeeze vit. E out of a capsule and into the tuna. Linda
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Since this is a nutrition question, I'll slide it over to Health and Nutrition for ya!
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Thanks guys you help me out the reason i asked was i was eating a tuna sandwitch and wendy took a big piece of tuna and i didnt know if it could make her sick thank again you answered another ? of mine
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I give my cats Starkist tuna in spring water all the time! I did not know it was not good for them. One of my cats only eats dry cat food, and, for some reason, it has to be Purina special care hairball treatment. The only other thing he wants to eat is tuna. It makes him so happy, so I usually give it to him. He has been eating it since he was a kitten (he's three years old), about two to three times a week. It has never made him sick or anything. All of my cats are pretty healthy right now. I don't want any of them to sick or anything, but they all really love tuna. Are you absolutely sure that tuna is not good for them? Where did you hear this? What should I do?
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On the same note, can you feed cats salmon? I have a can that no one is ever gonna eat, and as long as it's ok food wise, is it ok to feed the cats salmon? Or is it the same as tuna?
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Moderation is the key. If you must feed it, tuna packed in water is probably a bit safer than tuna packed in oil.

Here is an article regarding tuna and other fish products:
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That's an interesting article, Vanessa. Our cat is a "fish freak", and about the only canned food he'll eat (he gets half dry, half canned) is primarily fish packed in spring water with rice. It's considered a "super premium" brand of cat food here in Europe, and is very expensive. I've really had my doubts though, particularly because of the mercury and other heavy metals. It looks like he's going to have to settle for more dry food, or simply accept a canned food that contains primarily meat.
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