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Another Newbie....

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I'm Daisy Mae from Bristol in the UK.

I share my home with Al Capone, a big black and white 19yo DSH, Cracker the 11yo seal point Birman, Sadie the 7yo lilac point Siamese, her 3 yo daughter Barley and Pandora who is another 19 yo black and white DSH.

Sadly we lost Sadie's son Bramble a few weeks ago. He went missing one Tuesday evening and after extensive searching we heard reports that he had been knocked down on a very busy nearby road. I haven't been able to verify that but it is now over 3 weeks ago and there have been no other reports of him. I still maintain a little hope that he is out there somewhere as it breaks my heart to think that my lovely tabby boy is no more.

We are going to get 2 half Siamese/half moggy kittens in about six weeks time when they are ready to come to their new home, and I am hoping that I will also have another Siamese later this year althought the mother cat is having some problems with the pregnancy at the moment.

Oops, I've rambled on a bit as usual, but I am thrilled to have found this website and look forward to joining in.
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welcome to the site!!!
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Welcome to the site DaisyMae! Goodness, don't worry about rambling on about your cats - we all do that here!

Sounds like you have a wonderful fur-family there. I'm terribly sorry about Bramble going missing. I do hope he surprises you and shows up at your door one day soon.

Wow, two 19 year old cats! You must be an excellent kitty mommy! You might also be interested in a feature coming up in just a few days here. Renoun cat author/behaviorist/lecturer Amy Shojai will be here in promotion of her new book to answer questions specifically about aging cats. She will be here for two weeks only, starting July 1, in a special forum "Sharing Golden Moments." Get your questions ready, because being able to ask an real expert doesn't come around all that often.
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Just wanted to welcome you to the board! I hope you enjoy your time here.
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welcome!! enjoy posting, its fun, sorry to hear about your kitty, maybe he will come back soon, i hope .
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Hi - I hope you can share some pictures of your babeys!

Hey- Just to let you know there's a new forum opening soon for 5 weeks? Devoted to answering questions about aged cats

Be sure to check it out soon!

Enjoy yourself!

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Hiya Daisy Mae - good to have you here. I'm from along the M4 - in Reading!!

You're extensive kitty family sounds great - hopefully in time we can see some pictures . . . ?

I too hope Bramble surprises you and turns up out of the blue - stranger things have happened!!!

Keep up hope . . .
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Welcome aboard Sorry to hear about your tabby
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Thanks for the welcome everybody.

I have tried to add pictures to my signature so that you can see my cats.

Left to right, they are Bramble, Al Capone, Barley, Pandora and the two half Siamese/half moggy kittens that will be coming to share our home in a few weeks time. That is Poppy on the left and Lilybeth on the right. For some reason I can't find a photograph of Cracker the Birman on my computer, and I need to add one of Sadie too!
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Hello!! Your kitties are so beautiful!!
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Welcome! I think you'll like it here!
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