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My interview didn't go well

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The told me that they were just interviewing people, but not hiring anyone at the moment incase there is another layoff and they don't want to lay off a new employee..which makes sense to me, but I am still a little bumbed about it.
But..I stopped in at Saint Mary's Hospital and got an application, and I wanted to post the job openings on here to see what you all thought...some of these I don't even know what they are..like a Patient Access Trainer, or Patient account represenitive...Now I am looking into the switchboard operater also, but it is at another clinic...I am hoping these are for evenings though instead of days....if any of you know anything about any of these jobs would you help me out here? Thanks
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At least they told you that. Most won't even tell you and then just leave you hanging. Why doesn't anybody ever tell interviewees that they've been decided against anymore? I figure that's rude and if they treat possible employees like that, how are they going to treat their customers?
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I would go to their web site and see if they posted any qualifications for the jobs. This will help you to figure out what you are qualified for.
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I have been to their web site, and it doesn't show qualifications on there anywhere...I may be overlooking it...here is the link to it though
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last week i got a letter in the mail that said this one place i sent my resume to felt i was qualified for the position but that there were people of preference in front of me so I was not being considered (gov't job and i'm not a vet). Since I started the job search they are the first people that told me I'm not gonna get the job, and I was depressed for like 3 days afterwards!! BLAH! I'd rather not know I guess it would help to know after an actual interview though because then you might pass up other opportunities so that was thoughtful.. Don't worry kathy we'll find jobs sooner or later!! It's their loss..!
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For these jobs you have to have schooling and training. A Patient Access Trainer is someone who reserves beds for incoming patients, takes their insurance information and checks it out. You need good typing skills, and a background in Medical terminology, anatomy and physiology. You would also be assisting in referrals to book this patient for future appointments etc.

Patient Account Representative is responsible for logging in all paid receipts. Reconciling the accounts, auditing for past due charges and contacting the medical hospital's bill collectors for future actions. You should also be well-versed in medical terminology and accounting, and they will put you through some rigid testing on a 10-key requiring you operate by touch and not sight.

Hospitals looking for these type of employees do not put the description there on the application, because they want people that know what they are to apply.

Hope this helps
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That makes sense MA...Thanks for your response...I do not qualify for alot of these positions, but heck! I can do housekeeping...I will just apply for that....maybe sometime later on in the future while I am there I can apply for a different postition in the same hospital....I am NOT giving up though.... I want them to know I am willing to try and word hard!
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That is a very good way to start. Get your foot in the door and you can work up. A lot of hospitals have training you can take to move to a different job. Also, some pay for you to go to school if that is what you would be interested in.

Good luck
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Hang in there Kathy! You've got a great attitude about this! Of course it's frustrating - and it's tough out there right now! But at least you don't have to take it personally, and they didn't leave you hanging.

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Apply for housekeeping and switchboard. I hope that you gt something soon. I have been looking for a thread to see how the interview went as I was off line for 5 days!
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I want to share my hospital experience with you because maybe it will help. I started at a hospital back around 1982. I was hired in housekeeping and had that position for about 2 years. During those 2 years the hospital offered classes for employees who wanted to work their way up. So I took some computer classes, medical terminology and a Health Unit coordinator course which included some basic anatomy and physiology, basic pharmacology etc.

I got a position in the Peds ICU as a Health Unit coordinator entering doctors orders in the computer and making out MAR's (medication administration records).

I worked there for 1 year and transfered to the Thoracic intensive care, which was a cool job! I was a technician there. Did all the same duties as before plus set up open heart rooms, hung IV's before the patient got there, ordered blood, handed off instruments when we had to open the chest at the bedside and lots of other fun stuff. I was also the coordinator if we DID have to open a chest bedside. I sealed the area off and made it sterile, called in the emergency surgical team etc. I started college during this time because my job inspired me so much! I ended up working at that hospital almost 15 years all together and it was the best work experience of my life! I also volunteered at the pharmacy there for sevearl years, which was great experience!I ended up having to quit college just an internship away from my BA due to illness. But it's done me well!

I came to Utah and worked at a hospital there for a few months but was dissapointed because I wasn't allowed to have as much responsibility here (because of the different laws).

I ended up getting a job at a Biotech company who was impressed with my resume and am still there! Now I am making many different reagents and buffers. Antibiotic solutions, Petri dishes with combinations of antibiotics and drugs etc. I also work under a PhD making DNA clones for human protein to protein interactions (which lead to drug discovery) and various other things.

So my point is that you may not start where you want but if you're ambitious and market yourself you'll move up in no time! Radiate confidence even if you have to fake it! Always ask lots of questions and learn new things. And be willing to do or try whatever anyone asks you to. They'll remember it and help your career!

Good luck!

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