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Bleeding in pregnancy - help needed

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I am hoping that someone here can help an OL friend of mine.

She has a Siamese cat that is currently 47/48 days pregnant. She was mated on 9th / 10th May and the kittens were due on 12th / 13th July.

My friend tells me that although the cat has pinked up, her coat is sleek and she is in good health, she has not put on much weight and as there is about three weeks to go before the kittens are due, then she would have expected her to start filling out more. Without causing the cat distress, my friend has not tried to feel for any kittens at this stage.

Yesterday the cat started to bleed. Here is the description of the discharge:

"The blood she is losing is mid-red. It's not bright red as if she's
cut herself, nor is it dark red like old blood. There is no smell.
There has been no other discharge. She has been bleeding, although
when I say bleeding it is large spots of blood which appear off and
on, since the early hours of yesterday morning so it is now about 36

What do you think is happening? My friend spoke to her vet and he was very dismissive, didn't want her to take the cat in or sound particularly concerned. He said that there was nothing that he could do even if she was about to loose the kittens.

Anything that you can suggest would be very welcome. I am due to give a home to one of these potential kittens so I am very concerned not only for the kittens but for the Mum as well.

Thanks in advance, and sorry this is so long as a first post.
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It concerns me that the vet has almost dismissed this! It is true that if she were aborting the kittens, there's not much he can do, but I would be very concerned that she has a uterine infection. These can be very dangerous to the mother, and should be looked at ASAP. Even without a smell, there can still be an infection. What can happen during breeding is once bred, the cervix will close, and the infection will remain and there won't be many obvious signs until they are closer to birth and then the cervix opens and it becomes more obvious. I would have your friend take the cat to a different vet for an exam.
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It sounds like she has lost the litter. She must have reabsorbed them since your friend did not see her deliver anything.

I agree that she should be seen by a vet ASAP. She needs to be put on antibiotics to prevent any type of infection if she does not already have one.

I would SWTICH vets. If he wasnt concerned about a serious thing like this, than what kind of vet is he? Of course the kittens could not be saved, but the mothers life is at risk too. Find another vet, maybe one that deals with just cats, or one that has experience with breeders.

Good luck

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