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Murder or...

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criminally negligent homicide?
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Well, it definitely wasn't premeditated murder, but murder doesn't have to be premeditated. If your actions will cause the death of another person, and a reasonable person knows that those actions will cause someone to die, it is still murder. I don't know the all the technical differences between murder and criminally negligent homicide. I just know that a reasonable person does not just leave a bleeding but live man in their windshield, park it in the garage and go in to bed, and then figure out what to do with the body the next day. A reasonable person, drinking or not, tries to help that person. Had she done that, and he still died, she wouldn't be up for life in prison now.
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Murder does not have to be premeditated. You can be charged with intentional murder (which is what I think this case is). She intentionally left him to die. You can also be charged with a lesser charge of depraved indifference murder or fist degree manslaughter.
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I'm in total agreement with you, Tybalt . What a waste of the Earth's resources....
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This may come under the felony murder statute: if someone dies, during the commission of a felony, the charge becomes murder one.

I remember hearing about this case, when it happened. The trial showed up on MSNBC today and I followed up on their website. Maybe she and the (former) Bishop of Phoenix can be cellies.
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I think I read somewhere that she has some medical training. Even I could have done more for this man than she did. No one deserves to die like this.
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I think she's a nurse isn't she? Or was?

Hitting him may have been an accident. However not getting him help is DEFINITELY criminal negligence, and IMO she should be charged with murder, because no matter how you look at it she murdered him when she didn't attempt to help him.

I'm in the same boat as Melissa and Tybalt.
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Yes, she is a nurses aide. So she should have known what to do. I saw the case on Court TV and they said that the man had no serious injuries, he was in good health, and if she had called 911, he would have been okay - but he bled to death. I think it is murder because she could have called for help. She even talked to him while she was sitting in the car and said that she was sorry - but actions speak louder than words. I feel for that guy and his family.
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According to the medical examiner, the victim's leg was partially amputated. The man's blood was all over the passenger seat and down inside the passenger door panel, indicating that he was alive, for some time.

The defense is trying to portray the woman as some poor, scared female, who just panicked and didn't know what to do. If you have a body stuck through your windshield, its perfectly normal, to drive home and park the car, body and all, in the garage - right?
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I don't know how the law sees this case, but her failure as a human being is so abysmal that she should be deleted.
lol! deleted

This is such an outragous case. If you have a man stuck in your windshield bleeding to death, you don't take him home and put him in the garage stuck in the windshield of your car! She was scared of being prosecuted for being high and drunk. So she hid and lied and the man died as a result.
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...and so will she -it is just unfortunate that it will take years and years before it happens.

She thought that since he was a homeless person he would not be missed and no one would ever know.

Any news on the "friends" that helped her dispose of the body?
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I think the "friends" made a deal with the prosecutors in exchange for their testimony against her. So much for friends.
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Murder, absolutely! I hope she gets the same punishment as any other murderer gets in Texas. At least most murderers kill their victims quickly, that makes her worse than most murderers. How could anyone with a shred of human decency leave another human being to die like that!?
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Looks like she was found guilty of murder. They are now doing the sentencing phase - it only took the jury under an hour to find her guilty.
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I hope they throw the book at her. At least justice was served with the proper conviction!
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She made a conscious decision NOT to report the accident or seek help. She knew he was seriously hurt and was hoping for him to die so that she would not be caught in her drug induced state and would not have to admit running him down. She made a conscious decision to let him die to save herself from prosecution. THAT was a premeditated decision which caused his death. It took him approximately two hours to die. She should get life without parole. She murdered him.
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I don't see how anyone could be so uncaring and stupid. How did she even manage to drive her car home? There is no excuse for what she did.
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I'd definitely rate that as worse than manslaughter or vehicular homicide, but not as severe as premeditated murder where the perp actually has a full-fledged plan to take the victim's life. Yes, I know the legal definition of premeditated covers decisions made even seconds before the victim dies. However, I don't believe this case merits the death penalty, or even life without parole. She should receive a severe sentence, but I still believe that there are degrees of cold-bloodedness. Do you think Robert Blake is going to get the death penalty, if found guilty? I won't even mention OJ.
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It's murder. There was testimony by several experts saying that that man would have lived if she had called 911 in the first couple of hours. Anyone would be scared... but her lack of action was self centered based. How can anyone sit there and listen to a man moan begging for help and not do anything? She stated that from her own mouth, if you can believe that! Then she was with friends 4 months later and bragged about it to them. Disgusting!
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Originally posted by jcat
However, I don't believe this case merits the death penalty, or even life without parole.
From what I understood from watching this case is that it is not being considered for the death penalty because it doesn't qualify.

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Bill caught the evening news - she got 50 years. The fact that she was stoned on booze, pot and Ecstasy compounds the felony, IMO.
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I was figuring she would get around 30 years. How much of the 50-year sentence will she have to serve before being eligible for parole? Am I imagining things, or wasn't there a similar storyline on "CSI" about two seasons ago?
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jcat - I was thinking the same thing, yeah, there was an episode on CSI that was very similar to this case.

She will be eligible for parole in 25 years.
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I read that she got 60 years, 50 for that and 10 tacked on for something else. (great memory, huh?) I love that the judge said the case was all about selfishness. She claimed she did nothing because she was scared. That pretty much sums it up. She let somebody die so she could protect her own a$$. How you can even sleep that night knowing what was in your garage is beyond me. All I can say is that I love the fact that she tripped her own self up by talking about it at a party. That was how police found her.
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She had already pled guilty to leaving the scene of an accident. The ex-boyfriend and cousin got 9-10 years, for tampering with evidence. They could have been charged with being accessories, after the fact. They made deals, in exchange for their testimony.
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She did get 60 years but it was split. 50 for Murder and 10 for tampering with evidence or something like that. The sentences are concurrent so it's not really 60 years. I don't understand why they do that. So after the first 10 years it's like she really served 10 of the first sentence and 10 for the other sentence.
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Originally posted by Deb25
How you can even sleep that night knowing what was in your garage is beyond me.
this entire case astounds me and I can't even begin to wrap my mind around what a persons mental state would have to be to perpetrate something like this.

Deb sums it up for me. No matter how scared I was, or focused on self-preservation, I couldn't sleep knowing there was a human being in my garage, ebbing away.

sick sick sick
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Looks like she was found guilty of murder. They are now doing the sentencing phase - it only took the jury under an hour to find her guilty.
The article said that the jury deliberated for about two hours. One or Two though doesn't really matter. They say the quicker a jury decides the more likely it will be a guilty verdict. I think the jury was right in this case. She said she was scared because she was under the influence of alcohol and drugs. As a former nurses aide she should have known better then to drive.

IMO It’s almost like she’s saying “the drugs and alcohol made me do it so it’s not my fault.â€
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