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it is amazing how things change in such a short amount of time

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I was just thinking about how different my life is from last summer. Last year on June 20th we saw snowwhites with kittens for the first time. Since then all of those kittens have disappeared, then in November we ment ashton, lilly and sherbert. Sherbert is MIA but ashton and lilly are still here. Now snowwhite has blizzy nimby and stormy and will be getting fixed. So much has happened in just a year!!
We went through the pain of finding out lilly was pregant when she was spayed. That was so hard Then finding the black kitty I always wanted and her passing away in just two weeks.
I can't beleave it has only been a year since I saw the two white kittens and the orange one out back with snowwhite. I think if I only could have trapped her then but everything happens for a reason and I love ashton, lilly, nimby, stormy and blizzy more then anything!
I have learned alot in the past year to say the least!
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Yes, a lot can happen in a year!

In 2000, I had two cats, Midnight and Sunshine. In March of 2001, I decided to adopt another cat, and we got Coal. When we were getting him, there was an adorable orange kitten there as well, which my BF wanted to get. I said no, three cats is enough. After a week of him begging to go back and get the orange kitten, I gave in and we went back, only to find out he'd been adopted. However, the most gorgeous tortoiseshell was there, and she DEMANDED to come home with us. So we brought Lilith home. Three weeks later, we discovered she was pregnant! We could not find good, responsible, caring homes for the kittens, and any other alternative was unthinkable, so we kept her litter of 6. And that was how I went from 2 to 10 cats, in a year!

We held steady at 10 for 2 1/2 years. Then, in the space of 3 months, we adopted/rescued Romeo, Sasha and Tillie. And then there were 13!
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I joined TCS a year ago! I have to stretch just a little farther back than a year ago... but if you're willing to go with 14 months, HUBBY HATED CATS!!!!! Booger was working her magic on him, though... and now? We found Booger a home in Oregon, we have four inside only cats, have trapped and had spayed/neutered about 28 cats... found homes for numerous kittens and cats, fostered a kitten and found her a home, care for a colony of approximately 11 ferals, are currently aiding in the rescue of little Mae, am a Moderator at TCS and...

with the assistance of several friends I've made at TCS, we've got two websites - one up and dedicated to cat rescue and one in the process of going up, dedicated to humane animal control advocacy!

It IS amazing how things change in a year!
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Let's see. About 2 1/2 years ago we had Rockford, he was staying with Steven's sister. We decided to adopt him back from her so we did. Then we got Berkley (the ragdoll mix).
We gave a little kitten to Steven's mother about a month before she passed away from Cancer. So, we now have her kitten (Coco, the black kitty) and Steven's mom's other cat Sterling (the silver persian). Then about 6 months ago we got Sasha (the bengal).
Rockford went back to live with Steven's sister on a huge piece of land. He is a real outdoor cat and was not happy being inside all of the time.
So now we have 4 cats Berkley, Coco, Sterling, and Sasha. One big happy family
And about a month ago I started feeding 3 outdoor kitties, one possum and one racoon
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