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Our New Cabin Home

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To my friends here,

We are proud to share some exciting news with you.

Most of you will probably be surprised that we recently purchased a cabin at Keuka Lake. We wanted to keep it to ourselves until we were sure that everything went through.

It all finally cleared and the cabin is ours!!! We purchased it mostly as an investment opportunity. But we will use it on occasional weekends when we need a break. We have included a link to a photo that will show you our new property.

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you are interested in coming over or even renting it we will handle it ourselves while we search for an appropriate real estate agent to manage the property or if you know of a real estate agent that can handle a property, please refer them to us.

Weekends will cost approximately $200 (friends and family rate) for 2 nights, and $400 for the week. We will let you know when we start taking reservations for this cabin with its amazing view of the surrounding area.


Our New Cabin
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LMAO !!!

Shame on you....
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You're killing me with this, Kellye. I practically had my bags packed!
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Yeah, the the VIEW is magnificent! LOL
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that would be a good view.. I thought u were serious too, my bf has been wanting to get away and he loves log cabins.. I was thinking how perfect it would be LOL.. But that// I don't know.. I'd be scared it would fall over if we did the nasty or something..
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Kellye - LOVE the view!!!!!! We're thinking of heading out your way after the fourth of July - is it already booked the weekend of the 12th? Actually - come to think of it - our home is bigger than that cabin. Can we just drive down there and park next to yours? If we pay rent for the space, you'll get double the fees! Will you provide the ladders? We would need to accomodate about 28,000 pounds...

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Where can I sign up? I hope that thing has a bathroom. I don't want to crawl down that ladder in an emergency.
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LOL! Looks like you are safe from floods at any rate!
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Oh you silly women!! I just about killed my self getting off my chair to tell Ted we were going camping!LOL
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At least you will be safe if it floods....
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Oi! You had me fooled!
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LMAO I was thinking of a free weekend I could come!
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The joke's on us! I am in NC, and was thinking how nice it would be to get away!
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You got me good, and it's not even April Fool's day!!
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Oh My Gosh. LMAO Kellye!

That's so funny! I was super excited!

You had this fool fooled ..

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Rofl, I had to share this with Craig. The look on his face when he saw the picture was definitely "worth a thousand words". LOL!
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