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Do your cats "Supervise"?

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LOL, last night was cleaning night for me. It seems that all three of the boys thought they should 'supervise' mommy and make sure everything was cleaned properly.

I gave them fresh litter meanwhile I have 6 eyes watching every thing I do.. noses pointed in the air and immediately upon finishing its inspection time. After that it was time to dust everything in the office and the computers. Those same 6 eyes were watching there.. and when I had to duck behing the monitor to make sure I got all the 'bunnies' three littl heads appear down by my feet one above the other to observe the job. So far nobody has objected to my work. Let's see how I do on the bathroom shall we? I dust everything off in there and proceed to scrub the sink. Immediately after rinsing the sink out they do of course have to jump on it and make sure it is completely dusted off, and then I'm expected to turn on the sink just a little so they can now drink out of this freshly cleaned 'fountain'.

The same is expected of the toilet of course, and then once the shower is cleaned they HAVE to go in there and make sure I didn't miss a corner.

Once everything is done I notice three boys all curled up together on the bed sleeping. I guess supervising is pretty hard work.
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Yes, most definately. Zoey has to constantly see what I'm doing, no matter what it is. Especially litter box cleaning Why does she wait to go to the bathroom until AFTER I'm done cleaning her litterbox LOL.
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I try to plan my heavy cleaning at their nap times. Sad, isn't it? If I don't, and if it's a not-too-often activity (sorry to say, I'm not a great housekeeper) then they will supervise. They definitely needed to see what in the heck I was doing to the bathroom when I mopped it!

They've decided that litterbox duty is best done alone, though. Very rarely do they supervise that anymore. I guess the HUNDREDS of times they did supervise, I did a good enough job for them. I've been given the seal of approval to handle the job all by myself.
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Peaches sometimes likes to supervise. She likes to watch myself or my daughter excersise to the workout video. She'll lay on a step stool close by and just observe. Once in awhile she'll supervise when I clean. But she seems to be most concerned with, and interested in the excersising!

Peaches' mommy.
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Rowdy supervises litter box detail. She will jump in and use it, before the fresh litter is in. It is impossible to change the bed, without Rowdy and/or Buddy jumping onto it and rolling up in the sheets. When the kitchen is being swept and mopped, the broom and mop get attacked. The only housekeeping activity, that can be done without "help", is vacuuming. When that is going on, NOBODY is in sight.

Loading and unloading the washer and dryer entails removing Rowdy from the machines, before switching them on. Buddy assists with sorting clean clothes. (Actually, he tries to steal my underwear).

When cooking is taking place, Rowdy has a spot on the counter, where she is allowed to supervise. She, also inspects the inside of the dishwasher, during loading/unloading.
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Originally posted by katl8e
Rowdy supervises litter box detail. She will jump in and use it, before the fresh litter is in.
This reminded me of our departed Kiddy. Kiddy would watch as I cleaned out the litter box and AS SOON as I was finished he'd jump in it and poop. Never failed! He just had to check it out I guess! Or make his claim maybe! LOL

Peaches' mom, Tammie
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Faile supervises when I clean the litterbox and sometimes when I'm cooking or cleaning in the kitchen.
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