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YIPPEEE! I might have a solution to this problem!!!!

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Don't know if ya'll remember, but I've been having serious problems with pain in my left hand and fingers. At first the Doc thought it might be carpal tunnel, and I started taking Vioxx and wearing a brace, and I seriously reduced the amount of time I spent on TCS and working (which is on-line mostly anyway).

I went for the EMG, which was a heinous test - sending electric impulses through my arms, then sticking needles in me to send more electric impulses and measure the reactions. The good news is that I have no nerve damage - the bad news was that if it wasn't carpal tunnel, what was causing the pain?

After getting back from celebrating my parents' 50th wedding anniversary vacation, I went to have an MRI. That was last Tuesday. Doc called me yesterday and said that I've got some spurs on the back of something (sorry - I didn't catch what!), and that my C6 disc (in my neck) is shrinking - causing compression. These could be causing my problems, and are potentially addressed through posture training and strength training, to build up the muscles responsible for the posture in my neck and shoulders.

Doc is sending me a reference to a Postural Training Pro along with a prescription, and I should see an improvement in as little as a few weeks!

PLEASE cross your fingers for me! I really don't want to live with this pain the rest of my life!!!!
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Sending prayer's and get well quick vib's!!!!!!!!!!!! Go away pain NOW!!
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Its good, that you're finding out, what this is. I have arthritis and spurs on some of my vertebrae. So far, no neural damage, though. Hope therpy and medication work for you. I take Celebrex.
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Keeping my fingers crossed for you Laurie!
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Oh, I hope this works for you. Fingers crossed here, too!
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Have a rheumatologist experienced with Fibromyalgia check you out too. I was having the same experience with my arms just after my ankle surgery and my surgeon thought I had Fibromyalgia (FMS). My GP checked me out and though I had FMS too so he sent me to a rheumatologist who confirmed the condition.

Although FMS is not curable, it is treatable. I currently live without much pain because I can choose what I do or not do to get rid of it.
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i hope the doctor can help you. sending get well vibes!
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Hope what the doctor ordered helps.
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Laurie - wishing the best for you, but from what you've mentioned, it sounds pretty good! That's great news! Providing it comes back as planned, it sounds like it will be easier to take care of than surgery.

Sending all the good vibes I can to you!!!

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