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Say what you will about Bush, but.....

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I got this in an email from my father, and it brought tears to my eyes. So many times we focus on the bad decisions, poor choices, and scandals of the office and don't look at the man that holds the office.

At Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington DC recently the Sergeant Major of the Army, Jack Tilley, was with a group of people visiting the wounded soldiers. He saw a Special Forces soldier who had lost his right hand and suffered severe wounds of his face and side of his body. The SMA wanted to honor him and show him respect without offending, but what can you say or do in such a situation that will encourage and uplift? How do you shake the right hand of a soldier who has none? He decided to act as though the hand was not missing and gripped the soldier's wrist while speaking words of comfort and encouragement to him.

But there was another man in that group of visitors who had even brought his wife with him to visit the wounded who knew exactly what to do.

This man reverently took the soldiers stump of a hand in both of his hands, bowed at the bedside and prayed for him. When he finished the prayer he stood up, bent over the soldier and kissed him on the head and told him that he loved him.

What a powerful expression of love for one of our wounded heroes! That
kind of a man would kneel in such humility and submission? It was the
wounded mans Commander-in-Chief, George W. Bush; a true leader.

This story was told by the SMA at a Soldiers Breakfast held at Red Arsenal, AL, and recorded by Chaplain James Henderson, stationed here.
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It is good to have a Commander-in-Chief, who truly respects and honors our military and I believe that it helps the morale of the troops.
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He may not be the best president. He is VERY compassionate and caring, especially about his fellow citizens. I can remember seeing him cry for all the lives lost in 9/11. It does not surprise me to hear this about him.

He's not perfect, but he is definitely an honorable leader.
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He may be a compassionate and caring individual, but he still scares me. Sorry.
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He is also deeply religious. And while this, too, may be admired... what if God tells him to "push the button?"
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Laurie, if Bush actually hears God talking to him we have a lot of problems!!!
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President Bush does not act on his own. Both Democrats and other Republicans supported the war in Iraq. He is very wise to assemble the best people around him who come from different backgrounds, race, etc.

Just because you have a deep personal relationship with God, does not mean you are crazy.
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Originally posted by Nora
Just because you have a deep personal relationship with God, does not mean you are crazy.
Oh, no I wasn't saying that at all. But, if GB talks to God (normal behaviour), and then *hears* Him talk back (not normal!), then we have BIG time problems in the presidency.
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Nora, you make a very good point. I agree with Heidi, and neither one of us meant to imply that if you're religious you're crazy.

Heidi - I don't know how much TV you watch, but Gary and I watch a lot of the Christian channels. We like to keep an eye on ALL perspectives. Heidi - many of these people hear God speak to them. I'm not so sure how "not normal" it would be considered to "hear" God. I'm sure there are members of the cat site that are very religious, and I mean no offense. But this does scare me.

And Nora, you are right that both democrats and republicans supported Bush in the war against Iraq. But since that war doesn't seem to have actually ended yet, many are now questioning the veracity of the information on which they based their decision of support.

I also debate that Bush has assembled "the best people around him who come from different backgrounds, race, etc." I do not think very highly of many of his cabinet and advisor choices. I think he is not wise, and I do not think he chose wisely.

So while I thank Heidi for sharing that wonderful story, I reiterate my original thought. It was a wonderful and touching story, and I'm glad she posted it. But I believe that caring and compassionate people can still be dangerous, and a President needs either intelligence or to be advised by intelligent people to make good long-term decisions for our country.

We (as a country) just posted the largest monthly deficit ever. The Fed lowered interest rates today by 1/4 point - to 1% - the 13th cut in the past 2 1/2 years. The Fed also took a "weak" bias. The number of people requiring unemployment benefits is at a 20-year high, the unemployment rate has risen to 6.1%, and the seasonally-adjusted number of people filing initial jobless claims has been above 400,000 for almost a year. (It is generally accepted that the economy can't grow with jobless claims above the 350,000 rate).

I question the wisdom of many of his choices and policy actions. How will a tax cut in the capital gains rate or a cut in the dividend tax help the general american have a greater amount of money to sink back into the economy?

Sorry Heidi! Didn't mean to turn this happy thread into a Bush-Bash!
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I find President Bush very intelligent. You can see that our military has faith in their Commander and Chief. I feel he has made good choices in his cabinet and chose the very best people. As for the intelligence he received, we don't have a clue and neither does any newspaper or television network.

Most Christians believe that God speaks to us through his word, the Bible, and not audibly.

After President Clinton, I'm relieved to have a man in character back in the White House. I found his behavior appalling. Talk about bringing the Presidential position through the mire!
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My observations are based on the impact his decisions have had on our economy, international relations, and the welfare of the US citizens, not his character.
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Before the election, the Dems were going around trying to dig up dirt on President Bush. They even stooped so low as to interview old girlfriends that he had before he met the lovely Mrs. Bush. They all said he was a nice guy, drove an old beat up car, and treated all of them with respect, even when breaking off relationships. The didn't even know that he was a member of that Bush family. He was a humble, likable guy, even during his college days, when he drank and partied. I think taht says a lot for him.
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I AGREE with Laurie 100%.

He might be a companionate man - but I still believe that he never was/is qualified to be President.
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According to the polls - 61% of Americans disagree with you.
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I guess then we agree to disagree
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I think that he appears to be an OK guy, but I still can't believe he got elected.. I understand that people have different opinions and I respect the right to that, but my personal opinion is that he is not presidential material. I'm not either tho so it's not a bad thing!! He reminds me of one of those used car salesmen who gets you to buy a crappy car for too much money and makes you feel like you got a great deal.. jmo tho
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We (as a country) just posted the largest monthly deficit ever. The Fed lowered interest rates today by 1/4 point - to 1% - the 13th cut in the past 2 1/2 years. The Fed also took a "weak" bias. The number of people requiring unemployment benefits is at a 20-year high, the unemployment rate has risen to 6.1%, and the seasonally-adjusted number of people filing initial jobless claims has been above 400,000 for almost a year. (It is generally accepted that the economy can't grow with jobless claims above the 350,000 rate).
The joblessness in this country began increasing before Bush took office. The computer/e business industry had been going downhill for a long time. Its not like you can say, ok there is a new president, blame him for the failing economy even though he has only been president for a week. If anything, the Clinton presidency contributed to the joblesness in this counrty more than the current presidency.
The airline industry was hit hard after September 11th. And we have been spending more now on homeland security, cleanup, and actions to see that the terrorists do not strike again. All of these things take money to accomplish.
As for the feds lowering interest rates, isn't that a good thing for the consumer, a way to help out the people.

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Lower interest rates mean that more people can afford to buy big-ticket items, like houses and cars. This means more jobs, in the construction and automobile industries, as well the ancillary services: suppliers,etc. More people with jobs = more people buying goods = more people with jobs.

My job is dependent upon the automobile market and the company is already looking to expand operations and hire more people, because business is so good. In addition, instead of .50/hr raises, after probation, we're getting 1.00/hr. This means that I can afford to buy a car, sooner.
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Craig and I have differen opinions on this too. I can't stand Clinton, and rather like the Bush Administration. Craig makes the arguement to me, "The Economy is in awful condition with Bush leading the country." and every time my reply has been.. "Honey the economy started going downhill during the Clinton reign, and the Bush Administration got stuck with the it". Political debates between us are always heated .

I choose Bush over Gore anyday. I thought Gore was very much a wuss, and when I voted my biggest deciding factor was "If we were to be in a horrible situation, and get attacked or such which person would be the best to stand up for our country?" Bush won hands down. He isn't perfect, and has made plenty of mistakes but you know nobody is perfect.

No matter who is president.. they are gonna do something that you don't like, or that I don't like, or that our neighbor doesn't like. He/She (I hope a woman runs soon!!) can not be perfect and can't please everyone. I have faith that Bush is doing what he thinks is in the best interest in the country even if they aren't all the best choices.

Either way.. no matter who is president someone is gonna complain about that person and the choices they've made. It's human nature.

I'm just glad we don't have Clinton and that we will never have Clinton again. (I hope)
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LOL Cassandra - someone once said to me, never talk politics with your loved ones, it will only lead to arguments. So hubby and I dont talk politics, we choose to ignore it.

But truth is, for every president, there will always be people who like him/her, and people who dislike him/her. Thats life.
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I agree that the economy is out of Bush's hands.. In my economics courses in school I learned that there is a pattern of when a democrat is president people like to spend more and when a republican is they save more. I don't know why this happens, but both are equally good. The fed lowered the interest rate to stimulate economic growth of businesses, so businesses will take out loans and expand rather than downsize.. Yes, it is all geared towards big business. And why? Because republicans believe in the trickle down effect, that if businesses do well, their success will bring success of everyone underneath them, in the form of lower unemployment rates, more money for raises, more tax money, etc. In that way I am republican because I believe that the economy must be stimulated from the top because ordinary citizens can't afford to buy manufacturing plants to employ people with their $500 tax break or interest rate cut. Lowering taxes for business might seem bad but then it's the common people that profit from it in the end.

But Bush as a leader? I honestly can't believe he personally has made one decision in office. He doesn't seem to have a strong enough personality. I think he has bamboozled us with his fancy speech writers and strong administration. I am not fond of his administration either but at least they have a backbone. And the email u received, I wonder where it originated from. Sure Bush has to be nice to people he sent off to war.. but what about his pr/marketing dept? This whole thing is a huge marketing ploy if I've ever seen one. We are told what they want to tell us and if they want to say bush gave his left kidney to a soldier that's what we'll hear. Somehow he got this country behind him, and if he could bottle that it would sell for millions--billions even.

I only wish the democratic party produced a stronger candidate than Gore last election. He did win the popular vote, but if they had a half decent candidate I'm sure there would have been no question who won. I think a lot of people couldn't decide who had more brain cells and that's why the election was so close. I personally felt both of them were morons..

But let's look at the bright side.. Tech seems to be on the upswing..
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Ginger, you are right, the problems had started before Bush took office. Gary and I were warning of economic problems PRIOR to Sep. 11. Everyone thought we were nuts. Sep. 11th exaggerated the problems.

Cindy, you are right to a certain extent. The Fed lowering the Fed Funds rate 1/4 point to 1% will probably not affect credit card rates or mortgage rates perceptibly. Because of the lowering rates the past few years, the housing and automobile markets have boomed, and related industries have continued to do well. However, that comes at a price. Look at Japan. They've been in an economic sink-hole for 18 years now. Anyone remember the Japanese buying up real estate in the States in the 80s? It created a bloated real estate market. That is (in my opinion, LOL!) what we are doing to ourselves now.

New developments in technology or major changes in the way an industry functions often create economic growth cycles, and the "pipeline fill" in the consumer and business electronics market WAS beginning to slow. And no, a President cannot directly affect those economic cycles.

HOWEVER, Presidential decisions do affect the economy. Changes in the tax code, for instance. Instead of lowering taxes on the capital gains rate and lowering the dividend tax rate, why not incentivize business investment?

Cindy, you're right. The consumer has kept this economy from falling into a depression. But how many of those cars and other big ticket items are manufactured in the US these days? Most companies we follow are transfering (if they haven't already) manufacturing to China, Mexico and the Czech Republic. Next time you're at Walmart or the Everything for $1 store, spend a little time flipping over products to see where they were made. I think "CHINA" will be the predominant country. China has been the primary driver of the world's growth for the past five years or so.

The other problem with consumer spending having kept this economy out of a depression the past 2 years is reflected in lowered savings rates, higher debt rates, and higher debt as a percentage of income rates. This can only support the growth of an economy for so long before that house of cards collapses.

Many companies have been reporting lower earnings on a year-over-year basis now for 18 months to 2+ years. Many of these companies have a lot of debt. With falling interest rates, if company A sells the exact same number of widgets in 2002 as it did in 2001, but it cost the company 1/3 less to do so because it is paying less on its debt.... is that real growth?

Until jobs are being created and companies are spending on investment in their growth, the economy won't see much growth.

The President could have chosen not to go to war against Iraq. Then we wouldn't need to spend several billion dollars a month.

And it was the President's decision to propose lowering taxes into increased spending... and the tax proposals were the President's...
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First off, i have to let y'all know....this is Sherral's son Eric,borrowing her username to weigh in on this issue,and this is not neccesarily my mom's opinion...

I definatly have a personal stake in any military decsion President Bush makes. I am a United States Marine. That means if the President decides America has to go to war, I may well be one of the ones doing the bleeding (don't tell my mom I said that!!) I personaly thank God that we finally have a president who respects and cares about the military , like President Clinton never did. And for everyone who thinks the President acted rashly in Iraq, please believe (like I do) he would'nt send us into harm's way if he didn't think he had too.
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I live right by Camp Lejuene, NC, and see Marines every day in my job. I talk to them every day, and they all say the same thing as you. We here in Jacksonville love our Marines, and we are so glad to see them coming home. I hope you are never one of the ones that has to go, but I am sure you would serve proudly as every Marine does. Thank you for your service.
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Semper fi, Eric. This Marine Corps brat thanks you and, if I was your mother, I'd be proud of you. Heck, I'm an American citizen and I AM proud of you!
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As an outsider to American politics I can't really answer if he is a good or bad president for American. I can say what he did for that man was a wonderful gesture. However, as an outsider I have to admit that he scares me. From my outside view he seems intent on a war to hopefully bolster his popularity. He is going after countries that are easier to defeat then the 1 country that everyone knows is a nuclear power - N. Korea. If he were intent on getting rid of the nuclear threat - then that is who he should be focusing on IMO.
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