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Beauty pagents for little girls

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I was watching a program on TV last night (can't remember which one), and I only watched a little bit. At first it was a mom talking about how her little girl has been in pagents since she was like 2 or something. She went on to say that her little girl love being in them and stuff and I don't doubt that.
Her father had built her and small round stage to stand on, about 4-5 feet across, and it was sitting in the front yard. The woman had just gotten back from somewhere and the little girl was sleeping in the back seat. The woman woke the little girl up and told her to get up on the stage because her daddy had built it just for her.

And after the little girl said she didnt want to and hid from both the mother and the father they both spent what looked like 10-15 minutes trying to convince her to get up there. Finally the girl start crying and wrapped her arms around her mom. And this is what bothered me the most, the mom ripped the girls arms from her and said something like get out of my sight, and walked away. The little girl followed her trying to hug her mom and the woman wouldnt even let her do that. she wouln't even look at her.

No I can sort of understand why the woman was upset (not really just trying to look at it from her veiw), there were TV people there and Her "perfect" daughter wasn't obeying like she was supposed to. But to rip her arms away from you and purposly ignore her is a form I think of cruel punishment and definately a form of abuse. To withhold you affections from someone to gain something is a type of emotional abuse.

Sorry for the long post.
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Those pageants are hunting grounds for pedophiles and kiddy pornographers. The parents who tart these little girls up and parade them around are no better than pimps.

Little girls are supposed to be riding bikes, playing with toys and watching TV - NOT being made up and dressed like high-dollar hookers!

I might not have a problem with it, if they let the kids compete AS KIDS, not as miniature adults.
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I agree. What image of the world are these kids geting from this? They have to be perfect or they are losers. What possible benifit can these kids get from this?
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i'm not a fan of beauty pageants ESPECIALLY not for children!!
i have to agree with katl8e, that it might not be so bad if they were competing as kids doing kid stuff, like the egg and spoon race, or a hula hoop contest.... you know... just kid stuff.... like who can bake the most cup cakes in an hour... and then the proceeds go to charity...
But not the way they are now. It's just embarassing.
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I think when you get to be a certain age it should be a matter of personal preference, tho I knew some beauty pageant girls in HS and their lives were NOT normal so I wouldn't want my kid involved in that life. When a young child is involved tho I think it is sick and twisted, as obviously a young girl is then being forced to grow up incredibly fast and be paraded around like a piece of meat. I understand parents wanting their children to succeed, but success doesn't equal loads of make up and skimpy clothes. What kind of standards would they then be setting for their daughters?? Many children lose that youthful beauty and settle into themselves in the future being plain young women, and then what? If someone shows you thru their actions that the only thing their child is good for is the way she looks, what kind of effect will that have on the childs self esteem now or in the next 40 yrs of her life? What about developing normal social relationships with peers and developing personality thru normal childhood experiences? I don't have any big issues about a little jc penny catalogue modeling here and there, it's the lifestyle and the trashiness of the pageant world that bothers me. I think it almost borders on child abuse, but it's definately using your child to get what YOU want, not what is best for them.. I think they'd have better luck putting them in piano lessons or spanish lessons or something useful that will enlighten them rather than cheapen them.. JMO!
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I don't agree with pageants for kids as they are now. As Suraya said, if they were competing in something it would be better. The pageants put to much emphasis on looks, and those little girls will grow up thinking their only value is their face and body. It seems like some parents are trying to live again through their children, and forcing their ideas on them.
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3 little words....Jon Benet Ramsey.....
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Beauty pagents for little girls are a very bad idea in my book. Especially when they are being dressed up and made up like little women. Let them be kids! There is time for pagents when they're older, if they choose.

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How can a mother treat her child that way? If my daughter wanted to be in a beauty pagent I would let her but there is no way I would center our lives around it. Also these little children should not being made to wear make-up and dress their selfs up as women.
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