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Hi there....

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Hi everyone...
I'm not really new....
I've been a member for almost a year now....
But i didn't introduce myself when i first joined...
So i'm doing it now.

My name is suraia, i'm 24, i have three adorable kitties
Mythilee Bani
Bobbie Love
Zooey Zoo Nuts

I'm pretty much a house-girl-friend as I freelance mostly....

My fiancee is a pilot...
But he also has a subway store so we eat subway A LOT!!!!

we live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I'm actually British though....
My mother is half chinese, 1 quarter indian, 1 quarter dutch ceylonese...
My father was irish....
So that makes me a mixture of.... a lot of ethnic varieties.....

Anyway, I turned into an adult cat about a week ago....

I love this board, it's helped us through some tough times, like when Nikkie passed away...
And it's one of the best sources of info on cats...

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I must admit, when I saw your post, I was a little confused.

Just wanted to welcome you (even if you really aren't that new. ) and congratulation you on your adult cat status. Woohoo!
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This is me...

This is me and my fiancee
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Hi Suraya and welcome!

Wow, you are GORGEOUS!!! So lovely! You look really CHIC in the pix!

Suraya, i was born in Singapore, and we used to take vacations to Malaysia, as it is so closeby.

i find KL really hot, but i like Cameron Highlands (my brother has a place there) and Malacca.

My email addy is DaisyVenusIsys@aol.com. Please email me if you like.

Smiles and cheers!
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Wow.... Singapore?
We went to singapore for new year's eve last year.

I really like it.
I never thought i'd meet any one on this site who has actually been to malaysia.

ANyways, nice to meet you.
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i know.. isn't a small little world?

Pass JB, and that is it... !

Enjoy Penang Laksa for me.. i really LOVE eating Satay.. i miss satay and the peanut sauce.. YUMMY!! Oops...! i am almost salivating.. teehee!!

Cheers and stay in touch, Suraya!
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A belated welcome Suraya! Congrats on making Adult Cat, too.

Wow, what a gorgeous couple you two make! Fabulous picture.
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Welcome! Glad you found us!

Tammie, Slave to Peaches
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