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Name that breed

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I'm new to the forum... I just adopted 2 amazingly sweet cats from the Cat Alliance here in Richmond and I was curious to find out what breed they are. I've attached some photos in hopes to get opinions from other cat lovers. Simon, the lighter colored one, has darker grey spots on his sides and a ringed tail that has a straight dark line down the center; blue eyes. Sera, the brown one, has a very symmetrical wavy pattern on her body, spots on her lighter colored belly as well as a white patch on her throat; green eyes. They both weigh about 11 lbs. Any suggestions or guesses would be appreciated and this is purely for curiosities sake. Thanks!

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Lefty and the upper one are the same individual? Nice Tabby-markings, probably a common domestic short hair. Although very fine.

Righty is also a tabby, but the warm red nuance is rather unusual among "peasant cats", or "roof cats".
If somebody says he has much of a Bengal in him I wouldnt be too surprised.

Very pretty cats both of them.
Being pretty is NOT the most important in a cat, but it doesnt make things worse!

Hope others have more to say.

Have much joy together with your two new furry household members!

ps. Welcome to the Forums!

Edit again. The graiysh one... If you really want to compare with a breed... Perhaps a natural coloured Abyssinian? (wild-coloured)...

I can too little to say for sure...
Although both are gorgious, like many breed cats, yes they do.
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They look a bit Bengal like to me.

Brown marble, and perhaps seal lynx (or mink?) spotted.
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
They look a bit Bengal like to me.

Brown marble, and perhaps seal lynx (or mink?) spotted.
If Bengals can be such coloured, Im willing to abandon my proposal for a wild-coloured Aby and buy this your suggestion: their body type is similiar, also the faces, especielly the noses. So they are of roughly the same type, rather not two different.

So we do have a sort of answer: They are DSH of the Bengal type....

(ps. And I did learned something more about how Seal Lynx is look alike. I didnt really knew.
Did I ever told the amusing story how I did learned the difference between Oriental Short hair and Siameses?? - I perhaps will one day, but promise you sit down when I do tell about it )
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