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You didn't want to move did you? I'm quite comfortable here! (Quality isn't the best, it was taken with DHs phone)

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Who could move that pretty girl??
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This happens around my house hubby will say, just make them move, but nope, I'll sit forever, my legs will be asleep, and yet I'll continue to wait. As I type this, cocoa puff is lying on my arm and watching me!
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Oh and her fur looks all funny around her neck because I'd just been roughing it up
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She found the perfect spot!

Abby likes to lay in the dip of my waist and over my hip when I'm on my side.
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Hahahaha...silly girl!
Berlin likes to hop up on my shoulder or back and not move if I am sitting or bent over...
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I love the look on her face.
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Oh my gosh! I could never ever move beautiful Smudgey if she snuggled with me. My boys do this to me all the time, and I don't move unless I absolutely need to do something.
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