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hey everyone! I'm new here! i joined today. I love cats soo much . my cat just had kittens and they are soo adorible! :tounge2: well i'd love to talk to everyone! What does everyone like to do best at thecatsite? okay well leave a responce!!!!!! haha thanks!
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Hi Catnip!!! Welcome to the catsite. You will find that we pratically brag about our feline friends. This is a great place were you can say anything about your cat. What is your cat's name and breeding? We are also getting to know one another here. Hope we can be great friends. When you mastered the knowlegde of how to put pictures here, you can post them so that everyone can see them. I am still learning.
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Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! My cat had kittens 6 weeks, 2 days, and about 1 hour ago (not that I'm counting). Aren't they great? how old are yours? You'll love it here. I spend way too much time here, butI enjoy every minute of it. Everyone's so helpful. Welcome!!!!
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welcome catnip3k!

my favorite thing about this place is the friends I've met here. there are some really amazing people.
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Welcome! I am sure you will enjoy this site! I know I do
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Welcome! I am glad you found this place. It is a great place for cat lovers.
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Hey Catnip!!!! We are so glad you could join us. We'd love to ooh and ahh over your babies if you care to share about them with us!!!!

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Catnip!!!! WELCOME!!!! Glad you have joined us!!!
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Wow! thanks for responding everyone.. I hope to make some good friends here. I love this site! This is my third day here and i think i'm hooked.. haha. well, my cat had kitten about 12 days ago. I love them so much! I could just sit and watch them forever . They are really funny. :laughing:We have to give them a away though in a few weeks. They are the cutest things in the world. My big cat is all black and the kittens are all different from eachother. One is black and white spotted . Two of them are gray. One is brown. And another one is all different . she has stripes on her face and black and white spots and white paws. I named all of them the first week we had them. Their names are Magneeto, Button, Moe, Daisy, and Freska. Daisy and Freska are my favorites. Its kind of strange though because Daisy is the runt of the litter yet she seems to be the smartest. We have the cats in a box with a pillow and a towel. I think the mother likes the box because its very cozy for her. But recently we cut the side of the box so the kittnes could roam around. The only one that seems to be able to get out of the box and then find its way back is the little black and white one... Daisy! I love em' to death . I'm going to miss them so much! bye for now!!!!!
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WELCOME to Catnip3K from Threeleggedkat!!!!


I am sorry to be late in greeting you, but it has been "Ungodly Hot" in MO. and I don't function well in the heat. . . . (is it October yet?)

It is great to have you here and I look forward to seeing pics of those precious "babies"

We all go a Little
C R A Z Y over kittens here at The Site!!!!!

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Welcome, Catnip. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your kitties!
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Welcome, Catnip! I'm jealous over you and your babies. You'll find great advice here. People are really knowledgeable about cat issues. You'll find them to be pretty good on other of life's subjects, as well.
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Its so cool to see so manby new cats here. Welcome and I hope you enjoy your visits here. Everyone here are great, kind and spirited people.
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Howdy! Welcome to The Cat Site!

I'm sorry your little babies are leaving you. It must be sad for them, too. Well, be sure to give us updates on what's happening with them. Now, exactly who stays and who goes? Does their mother live with you? Questions, questions.

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Welcome Catnip!
I'm sure you'll like it here - these are just the greatest bunch of people you'll find anywhere on tne internet!!!
And please post some pics of your beautiful babies!
Looking forward to getting to know you
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Hi Catnip and welcome to the site. Your cat and kittens sound wonderfull. Would love to see some pics sometime.
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