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Help, have a question but don't know where to post it

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[b]I just had Chewy neutered and Mittens spayed today and I am supposed to keep them from running, jumping, swimming, or climbing for 10 days Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep a terror furbee from doing this? I have crates but I don't want to wake up to a mess in the morning if you get my drift. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

This is a great place to visit.
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I would confine the kitten in a dark quiet room with a crate that has the door off. Drape the carrier with a dark cloth leaving enough of a doorway for the kitten to get in and out of. The kitty will probably sleep most of the time.

As for the dog, I would confine it in the bathroom or a part of the kitchen where the floor is easy to be cleaned up. Put down newspaper to help with the waste elimination.
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Thank you. They are both cats, sorry for the confusion. I don't have enough room for both of them. I don't want to put them together in the bathroom. That is the only place I have. Chewy is crying his heart out right now.

A prompt reply as usual. Thanks again.

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Maybe a closet for each with a litterbox , food, water, and a crate (with the door off) to crawl into to sleep. If they each have their own space they should clam down and rest more.
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I'll move this to Health and Nutrition for you where our experts can give you more suggestions.
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I wopuld definatly have to say the closet with the litter and the crate, but you have to make sure that you don't put the food too near the litter box or they might just not eat.

Another idea might be to keep one in the bathroom and let one roam a paticular room... then every 8 hour or so switch the two. Gives them time to have a nap as well as time to eat and sleep. But in the other area it gives them time to strech.

They need to be supervised... to make sure they don't do any rough play. I Kept my hobo from rough playing a while ago, because she was fixed.

A little running around was good for her, as it got some of her energy out.

Just keep an eye on them and everything shopuld be ok.

~ Salem
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My feral cat Scrappy was spayed on Tuesday of this week and I have been keeping her in the laundry room. She has been the sweetest cat,has not complained at all. While I was spending some time with her yesterday and she was up and walking around, it looks like she has had a tummy tuck LOL . She was just weaned from her kittens 2 weeks ago and was a little saggy, not anymore.
Here is what the paperwork from the Humane Society asks for cats: "To Minimize your cat's opportunity to jump and climb, confine it to a small space, like a bathroom, for the next week. Clean, dry and quiet make for an uneventful recovery."
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The bathroom has a stool and he jumps up on it then on the counter. I don't have anywhere there isn't something to jump on. My little boy doesn't seem to know he had anything done now that the anesthetic has worn off. Momma is moving a bit slower and that is fine. She isn't doing much jumping.

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They will be fine and you really can't stop them from what comes natural. When I fostered moma cat and 3 kittens (Cookie and the crumbs) this winter there were no problems once all 3 babies came back from the VET (2 boys, 1 girl) I just had them confined in one room, but I kept on checking their incision/stiches. Just make sure there is no infection or ozzing.

The boys were back to normal in a jiffy and the girl - it took her a day or so.

Take a deap breath, relax and enjoy them....
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