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Close call for Joey

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Poor Joey. This just isn't his week. Yesterday, my son was engulfed in the new Harry Potter book, stretched out in the recliner. He got up for a break after a time.

Later (15 min), my daughter heard scratching on the back of the chair. She went over, but no cat was there. It took a minute (and a claw through the fabric) to realize that Joey had been closed up inside the recliner!

We opened it up. Thank God and the fact that he is skinny, that was perfectly a-ok! He has NEVER in 4 years crawled inside that chair.
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LOL! I don't mean to laugh at his misfortune, but he's had his fair share of problems lately! First getting stuck in the garage and now trapped in the chair...poor guy! I'll be surprised if he doesn't go into hiding for a few days just in case if the worst is yet to happen!LOL!
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Not this little guy. His middle name is T R O U B L E!
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Hmm if I were you maybe I would put him inside a bubble for awhile! LOL Poor kitty- so much for your "boring" cats!
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Poor baby!
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You'd think he would stop crawling into things.

Nah, cats are too stubborn to stop what they like! Faile got trapped in the closet for a few hours, and a few days later almost got shut in again.

Glad to hear he is ok.
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Yes, poor Joseph.

If he had thought to meow it may have been easier to find him. He only makes more than squeaks when he is in some form of peril!
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Aww that is scary. Is he a small cat?
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Eep! I'm glad he's okay.
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Poor Joey! He's just not having a good kitty month, is he?
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That happened to Toes at my parents house. We didn't even know there was enough room for anything that big inside that chair.
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He is the skinniest little thing I have ever seen. The scale says 9 lbs, but I don't know where he hides it. He is tall and long, however. Whenever he gets rescued from one of these escapades, he looks at you like, "Why did you do this to me?"
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LOL, Deb! Sorry - I do feel bad for poor Joey, but I know that look you refer to in your last post!

Thank God we don't have any recliners here. *Phew* - I think we'd constanty have trouble.

Lazlo just loves the bathroom, and we try to keep the door open. But every once in a while, he does get shut in there. I think he was in there a couple of hours once - he never meowed to be let out, the dummy! He didn't give us a "why'd you do this to me look" (that only happens when someone gets shut in the closet). No - he pretended he'd meant to be in there that long. He gave me more of a - "Hey - where have YOU been?" look, LOL!
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I'm glad Joey's ok. I've been meaning to tell you this - 2 Joey look-a-likes arrived at the CWSI shelter. Same body structure and face like your Joey! They're young brothers that keep chasing each other all over the place - really cute
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aww poor kitty!
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